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    Unadilla Info

    Pit passes are definitely cool. If you want to get the full experience, yes. Other than that I would bring a back pack with water and such. Umbrella is a good idea too. Be prepared, there will be people EVERYWHERE
  2. I'm large enough and strong enough to move the 450 around. I'm sure on a 250 I would need to get the suspension set right for my weight. I like to ride high in the rpm range and frankly I don't feel experienced enough to ride the 450 to its full potential. So in my mind I could get a 250 4stroke and learn to ride that at its peak before getting back on the 450. I feel a 250 with a pipe and suspension mods can be moved at the same or close pace to a 450 with the right rider. I hope my 200lbs isn't to much for a 250 4 stroke...I mean damn hahaha
  3. sean2e

    From KTM 350 xcf to suzuki 250f

    I'd like to hear opinions on this also. I'm weighing about 200 myself and thinking about a 250
  4. Yeah I guess there really is no rush. It has suspension work from RG3 but I need to make adjustments to the rear shock. Front end washes in sand.
  5. That's where I'm at. It works with my size but I feel I should be able to rip the 250 around the track before I need the extra power and size. Granted I could be very wrong. Like I was faster on my 750cc street bike compared to my 1000cc. Yes I know street is different
  6. Good question. I am about 5 10 maybe 5 11 on a good day and fluctuate between 185 and 200lbs.
  7. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if I should be using a 450 to learn on. I feel like a 250 4stroke (since I'm used to 4stroke motors) would be more user friendly to learn on. But if the general concenous is that a 450 is fine to figure everything out on...I'll stick with it
  8. See i dont feel uncomfortable on the bike. Maybe its just me in my own head second guessing my decision.
  9. I plan to do MOST of my riding on the track or in preparation for the track. if i do get a 250 4 stroke it will be new for the reasons you stated above.
  10. Hey everybody. this is my story. I used to race MX on quads a couple years back. Over the winter i found a good deal on a 2011 kx450f so i bought it. I decided to try my hand at racing MX on bikes now. I have been on street bikes and quads for years. But i only have under 10 hours total on a dirt bike. I feel like i made a mistake getting a 450 off the bat and am now looking into getting a 250 to learn on. thoughts?