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  1. Supercross

    KR is a class act! I know Tomac is having a bad rookie season because of his injury but I wonder if Tomac is jealous any?
  2. Thanks man!!!
  3. I want to buy some new exhaust for my 84 cr 500, but I don't know which exhaust I want to get dg or pfr.
  4. A group of us are riding this Saturday at Advinger, Texas. If your interested let me know. Thanks
  5. Why doesn't ama motorcross race at Glen Helen, and why don't they have a race in the great state of Texas? Thanks Darrell for making my post even better. Thanks to everybody else for the awesome information!
  6. I believe if off road(xc-enduro)racing was more popular then mx and sx, that the big four would still be producing top notch two strokes.
  7. Why don't ama motocross race at glen helen and why don't they have a race in the great state of texas? Lol
  8. I've never really thought of it that way. They might be selling enough to keep building them and that works for me.
  9. I know how you feel because last summer I bought a new Ktm 250xc.
  10. But it's never going to happen. Y'all are right only thing going to happen is a new graphics and then eventually they will be discontinue.
  11. Yeah European manufactures are still putting a lot of effort in their 2 strokes. I wish Yamaha would do the same. They were the one that started the 4 stroke era motocross bike and the other three major jap manufactures followed.
  12. Man I hope that don't happen. Their is still a big market for them. I wish they would make a xc version like Ktm with them. I went to a hare scramble not to long ago and their were so many new 2 stroke Ktm bikes I love that yamaha is still producing 2 stroke bikes.
  13. Do y'all think yamaha will ever update their 2 stroke bikes or discontinue them in the future?
  14. Offroad Ktm Yamaha Honda Suzuki and Kawasaki tied Mx-sx Kawasaki Honda and Ktm tied Suzuki Yamaha
  15. Thanks man for the awesome advice!!!! I've been using the kick starter as my primary starter