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  1. Sometimes its good to rev a 2t almost to the limiter to burn off some carbon and what not imo... But i hate when people think tunning a 32-1 mix fouls plugs! "hey man you need to run at least 40-1 or you will foul plugs".
  2. I just trail ride
  3. I just trail ride never hit the rev limiter and rarely come close to it. Usually luggging around in 4th through trails.
  4. The bike was never raced and apparently only has about 50-60 hours on it. I just don't want to spend money to replace it if it is still good. Is there anyway to accurately check if it needs to be replaced besides compression
  5. Here is a pic of the bike!
  6. I recently purchased a 05 250r for 2700. The bike is in excellent condition and is still completely stock including the motor. It runs strong and starts first kick. Just to be safe I am going to do a compression test to see how the piston/valves are holding up(valves are in speck). The manual says 57 psi. At what psi should you change the piston/ rings to be safe. For example if I got 47 psi on the test what actions should I take
  7. rotella 15w40 it is in both sides
  8. I thought you could not interchange transmission and engine oil?
  9. so i can use the same bottle same oil on both?
  10. hi everyone going to be doing my first engine/ tranny oil change on my crf 250. i read the manual and it says 10w40 in both. Im really confused bacause all the oils i find that are 10w40 say it is good for the engine and transmission. I though you needed two specific oils and they were not interchangeable. I am ordering my oil off of Royal Distributing. http://www.royaldistributing.com/Catalogues/Main/2013-Spring-Fall/m/#376 this is a link to the oil section could you pleas clarify the oil mix up and pick out the best oils in the cataloge for me thanks. i need tranny and engine oil.
  11. Hey guys, I was looking to get a 250cc 4stroke competition bike such as the crf250r ktmsxf250 etc. Just wondering which one would be the most reliable and best suited for recreational trail riding and maybe some small jumps. I was looking to get one used and the ones i am looking for have a rebuilt top end including valves. I am going to purchase the best conditioned, best priced bike i can come across. what kind of maintenance will be needed for these newer kinds of 4strokes since i have never owned one? How often to check valves, how often will they need to be adjusted, oil, filter, piston, bottom end? how many hours will these parts last? take into consideration the bike will not be ridden hard and i will never be on the rev limiter or even close to it. thanks.
  12. Has anyone worked on a 250? How much hardee would one be to.rebuild than a 125 and how much more expensive assuming I did the work myself
  13. Has anyone worked on a 250 before? How much more difficult would a rebuild be then a 125 with the proper tools and manual In hand Has anyone worked on a 250 before? How much more difficult would a rebuild be then a 125 with the proper tools and manual In hand
  14. Hey guys this is my first post. Just was wondering what you guys think I should get for recreational trail riding. I'm moving up from a kx 100 as I out grew it. Would a 250 become boring for me? I'm use to a powerband of a 2 stroke. Also the trails I ride are not very technical mostly just turns and straights. The big question I have is the cost and difficulty of maintenance as I would like to do it myself. Let me know thanks jp.