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  1. 2:33 is almost EXACTLY what I did. I laughed so hard at some of these.....good times. Just get back up and plug away.
  2. Here's a better angle:
  3. Sorry for the sideways photo; my phone was pointing right side up so i cant explain it... There is zero wheel wobble so I can clearly rule out a bent rim. But when I rode it home, the rear of the bike was not tracking the front of the bike; it was riding at an angle from rear left to front right.
  4. Here's some pics of the forks. It may be hard to tell in the photos because it's on its side stand, but the front wheel is clearly going to the right.
  5. I definitely face planted.....I have pics of my helmet to prove it! Thanks for the tip on tire pressure. I'll remember to try that when I get her back up and running. How much pressure would you recommend? 2-3lbs? More?
  6. Yup, still running the stock tires. I only have a hair under 200 miles on her. I've been keeping up with the forum and everyone states how the stockers don't have enough grip and the front ends up pushing. It all happened so abruptly so I can't really recall exactly how it happened other than walking back to my bike and looking at the ground and the tire ruts. This is why I like playing in the dirt. It lets me play harder with "softer" consequences.
  7. Gnath, Yeah, I guess it qualifies more as a "dump." I did shoulder check the ground pretty good but i went into a combat roll and ended up on my butt. Then I quickly got up and looked to see if anybody saw what happened....
  8. So, I was doing some light trail riding today and came upon some ground that was much softer than i thought. The front wheel sunk into the ground and pushed the handlebars right and i layed the bike down onto it's left side. The shift lever made a complete u-turn on itself and the front wheel is misaligned now. Not sure how that happened because i was only going about 10-15mph.....maybe 20ish.....lol. Anyhoo, i was able to shift the tranny into second with my hand and limp it home. No broken plastics, no bent clutch or break levers, almost 100 percent. The LRP can take a beating! I already have the shift lever off and am shopping for a new one. Will i need to take it to a shop to align the forks or is that something i can do myself?
  9. This guy went full motard. With the CRF250L, you always go full motard.
  10. Wow....didn't realize how crappy that iPhone picture was until I posted it. Yeesh...I'll get a better one here shortly.
  11. Here she is all painted up! Now for some sweet graphics.......
  12. Here are some pics of the progress and the first coat. Oh....wear a respirator. I am high as f@Ck....
  13. You don't have to necessarily "dip" any of the pieces. They sell it in spray paint can varieties which makes it super easy. Add in a Can Gun that attaches to the top of the can and it simplifies it even more. Wrapping the pieces in vinyl is expensive and time consuming....neither of which i have being on a military budget. Two weeks in the field starting Monday... The final product ends up being around 12-15mils thick with several coats about 4-5mils thick and can pull off if you decide the color isn't for you. It's super easy. I bought four cans of it at Lowe's for $6 each. Matte black on the bottom coats and finishing it with a silver metallic fleck topcoat. I'll post picks on Sunday-ish... #notimetoride
  14. I am going to be doing everything that is white plastic with Black PlastiDip and then using the PlastiDip Glossifier. It will look much better IMHO.
  15. I finally found a place that does the MSF course up here in Fairbanks. I had to go off-post to get into a course. The dates are May 9th-11th! I'll get almost all the Alaskan riding season. But for now, I'm limited to admiring her in the garage and starting her up every couple of days....sad. We still have 3-4 feet of snow on the ground in places!