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  1. xxhardluckracingxx

    2016 wr250f vs. yz250f plastics

    The fork guards will be diff
  2. xxhardluckracingxx

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    2016 Broad Mountain Enduro - Reading Off Road Riders http://www.rorr.org/2016-broad-mountain-enduro/
  3. xxhardluckracingxx

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Didnt read the whole thread so sorry if this has been covered but what do you have to do with the electronics for the 2.5 install thats my perfect choice for enduros
  4. xxhardluckracingxx

    Shimmed Valves on my FX.. Motor won't move now?

    How many hours on the bike
  5. xxhardluckracingxx

    2015 WR250F GYTR Radiator Braces or Unabiker?

    I have both the gytr braces are good but offer no front impact bracing only side so i swithced to the unabiker they are Stoudt pieces and fit well however are a pain with the spacers and hardware to remove the shrouds for cleaning/maintenance. It maybe only adds an extra 5 min to take apart but man are they heavy duty i could probably take a sledge to them from the front and they wouldn't budge i prefer the added protection because i run tight single track and frequrntly get tree hits from the front. I have the gytr set if you want to buy them.
  6. xxhardluckracingxx

    FX electronics guard

    I would deff buy a second just to have a spare
  7. xxhardluckracingxx

    YZ250FX ride report and setup.

    In the past when switching to synthetics i have had clutch problems. Now i only run a semi syn maxima blend.
  8. xxhardluckracingxx

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    Its a free for all there so you have to be careful you can rip as fast as ya want. Traffic has never been to bad except on a holiday weekend or if an enduro is being run. If you like single track there is rarely traffic!
  9. xxhardluckracingxx

    YZ250FX ride report and setup.

    Thx my unibiker is a tank so if this cycra holds up im switching
  10. xxhardluckracingxx

    15 WR250F with IMS tank which radiator braces

    Dont know for sure but i would think the enduro engineering or gytr type would work. If you want the gytr piece i will let go of mine for half off list. I liked it but went with the unabiker shortly after i got it
  11. xxhardluckracingxx

    YZ250FX ride report and setup.

    Plz give a review of the cycra after a few rides im interested. I have the unabiker but would love to ditch that heavy piece. I see baylor running the cycra on his 450fx but then again what do those guys care they just get everything for free
  12. xxhardluckracingxx

    Sag sanity check 2015 WR250F

    Im running 15mm above triple in the front with 110 sag rear as per my suspenaion shop. However this is also with a suoer soft set up my guy uses softer springs and does magic with the valving for the east coast rocks roots etc. Im 200 with gear and using the stock rear spring and one rate softer aorings in front. Bike handles amazing turns great and stable
  13. xxhardluckracingxx

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    If your into enduros and hare scrambles we are lucky enough to live in the largest enduro club area in america check out ecea.org the season is just starting
  14. xxhardluckracingxx

    Famous Reading Outdoors -Info Thread

    Get ready for serious elevation change too! Lots of steep drops and climbs Oh yeah and ROCKS lol
  15. xxhardluckracingxx

    Converting a 2015 WR250F to a YZ250FX

    Did the same thing with mine i kept the wr light assembly for enduro use. I also removed the stock "meter" aka dash and used the zeta meter delete to achieve this down at the wheel. However to use the zeta part i did have to grind the ears on the hub down a lil