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  1. SRichardson868

    Should I be able to handle the YZ250?

    Thanks everyone I'll just ease on it and hit power band slightly in say 3rd or 4th gear?
  2. SRichardson868

    Should I be able to handle the YZ250?

    Define "Mid Hit" for me please I'm not as familiar with the terms just, love riding haha
  3. I owned a yz85 that i got brand new basically for years. I've been riding at my uncles 3,000 acre farm every weekend since the weather has be nice! Basically I am 19 years old weigh around 150 to 155 lbs and am 6 foot 1'. My biggest question is my father has a 1993 yz250 all done for racing custom everything even piston that he gave me cause he hasn't road it in a couple years and probably wont ride it anytime soon. I'm scared that I won't be able to handle it tomorrow! Will i really feel that much of difference from my yz 85? Is it easier to ride? Will it throw me off when I hit power band?! Just need to calm my nerves a little bit.