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  1. cmgyz450fs77

    90 dr 350 kickstarter

    i have a 90 dr kick start wont return and when bike runs it sounds like the kickstart is still engauged makeing the sound when you hold it down when its running ??? anyone had this issue before
  2. the noise is a constant from idle and into rpms just sound terrible ive had about 5 of these bike and i found this one with a ton of work already done to it
  3. i pulled the basket off and found the my kick gear was all chowed up im wondering if the motor running and the idle gear running across a lunched gear has something to do with it i grabbed the shaft for clutch basket and there no play idk makes no sense i pulled plug and took a drill with a socket and spun the motor by flywheel with clutch basket off and didnt hear a peep from it
  4. so i took it all apart sheck crank slop nothing found out it had a je 440 big bore kit in it theres no top end noise all coming from low end its not a knock bearings felt fine i put all back together and it still make the same sound idk what it is pull clutch in and it doesnt make sound go away almost sound like something like the oil pump is gone but i have flow its terrible i dont even wanna ride it any help would be great
  5. xb31 250cc cltuch appears to be smoked i have no clue how to change the clutch beacause i think i need a spacial socket of tool to remover this thing off the crank has anyone changed the clutch on theses before>??? i dont even know where to get the tool to remove this thing
  6. cmgyz450fs77

    2001 honda xr 200r head pipe glowing?

    ill take pics and show you timing the t is lined up with the notch on block piston tdc cam lobes down circle on sproket lined up with notch on valve cap there dead even i think the cam chain is stretch i noticed it was pretty loose the 3rd time i took it ALL apart to check timeing im how does that cdi unit work off the cam do i have to have that in a certain position?
  7. cmgyz450fs77

    2001 honda xr 200r head pipe glowing?

    thats the thing i have a new carb and it is still hard to start and wont hold an idle makes no sense i didnt use a oem cam its a aftermarket mid range cam which should make any difference it is times right idk what it is im baffles its a brand new motor new piston from weisco 66mm 1 mm over sized idk im at stand still ive doen every possible thing except up the jet sizes
  8. cmgyz450fs77

    2001 honda xr 200r head pipe glowing?

    i bought a new carb for the bike and it leaks like hell so im returning it but i still cant get the bike to idle worth of shit with the new carb like it with the idle screw turned in all the way but the carb was leaking like hell so another week pos poned again
  9. cmgyz450fs77

    2001 honda xr 200r head pipe glowing?

    timing is fine i just turned int he air mixture screw 1 and a half turns and the bike actually ran decent i think i need to go up a jet size the bike has 10 to 1 comp runs on 93 octane still something is funky with the carb still so i bought one on ebay im gunna drill the jets out 2 thoui have some special drill bits that will help me if not then i guess ill buy the next size up jet kit the bike basicly running to lean i took the baffel out the exhaust and i noticed the difference too so i think more or less it a fuel issue i had ran 87 octance jus to see how it would ruun and i think that also had effect with the head pipe glowing and the bike giving me trouble to start
  10. cmgyz450fs77

    2001 honda xr 200r head pipe glowing?

    well its def timed otherwise it wouldnt run right? the t mark on the flywheel is lined up with the marking on block piston at tdc theres another mark on th cap lobes down line the circle with that mark and it timed its def right unless i missed something!?
  11. i just rebuilt this 01 xr 200r put a new weisco forged piston 66mm a new mid range cam not sure of specs on cam but im sure it not radical! seeing as its a xr200!!! but anyways its all done nice cylinder done whole 9 yards! bike is hard to start the carb is leaking fuel out of over flow when its leaned on the kickstand side stops when bike is in the riding position then it start but have to be in the throttle and half choke i clean the carb 3 times took all the jets out air screw eveything blew through all passages with blow gun and used gum out carb cleaner 3 times!! wont hold idle worth a shit unless the idle screw is completely screw in to the max!! and then head pipe glows! im not sure but with the 66mm piston and the upgraded cam maybe i need a jet kit thats bigger? valves are adjusted right! im not sure whats the problem any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  12. cmgyz450fs77

    93 ktm 300exc spark issues bike runs then dies no spark

    yea i did that i can feel power coming through the killswitch wire if i hold my finger on the exsposed copper idk what that means but i ran it 2 times today and while it was running jus suddenly shut off and no spark idk whats the cause i have a steady 12 volts comeing from black and red whire from stator
  13. ktm 300 exc 93 runs for a few minutes then shut off no spark im gettting 12 volts from cdi when i test black and red wires but i started it 3 times seem like it wants to spark when it wants to and then nothing bike runs mint when its running i dont understand i dont know much about those year ktms is it the coil? its impossible to find coils for thins thing anyone know where i can get one? any help would be awsome thanks
  14. cmgyz450fs77

    1993 ktm 300 exc no spark! help

    bike ran had spark i changed low ends used same stator and fly wheel and i have no spark didnt touch anything how do i test stator?
  15. cmgyz450fs77

    01suzuki drz 250 no spark? help!

    01 drz 250 bike ran a month ago parked it no spark wont fart nothing good battery had bike for 8 years never any issues!! how do i test cdi box? could it be the pick up in stator is there anything i can do to check things i have multi meter any tips would be great also put new plug in bike nothing! and cdi boxes are not cheap id like to be sure before i go any further with it kinda at A STAND STILL NOT SURE WHERE TO START! THANKS