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  1. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    My new exhaust came in. The DG exhaust, I bought it off of amazon for $160. Great great deal. It sounds sooooo nice. I would be brave enough to even say it can triumph stock harleys and such. It's pretty loud. Also, here is the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B31BuU3NcU8
  2. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    Photo Shoot: Both toys are mine. I'm very lucky
  3. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    So, I got a can of plastidip, and let loose! It looks decent, definitely looks like an apocalypse bike.
  4. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    So.... the cops didn't like my license plate setup very much. They told me to angle it downwards more, and so I did. While I was at it, I researched the florida law for having a vertical license plate, and decided I'd rather not get a $1000 ticket for having mine vertical. So, I made horizontal mount using some bolts and aluminum peice of metal. Came out pretty clean. Check it: And a side view: While I had the bike out, I took some more pictures. I really have way too much fun on this bike. This weekend I might get a couple cans of plastidip and black it out. Will post pics when I'm done.
  5. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    So, my turn signal on one side broke, so I bought a whole set all around. The old ones were fading, and old. The new ones have a rubber boot, so they can flex a little. Also, I can get the bulbs at ace hardware if they ever burst. Before: The new ones: After: Then, I got the money for my new tail light. I had a problem with it lighting up too bright, but I used some resistors to solve that. Before: After (side): After (rear): This is happiness.
  6. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    I would get bar ends, but the stock DR200 bars have steel welded in the sides to prevent vibrations, which is pretty useless. If I ever get new bars, I'm going to get some handlebar protectors too. For now, that mirror gives me a huge view of what's behind me. Also, my turn signal blew in the front left. Ordering a new set this weekend, and my tusk rear tail light. Can't wait to get that huge flipper off the back of my bike!
  7. coolpersob

    Dr200 Motard Build Thread.

    Here's my baby when I first got her. I got her as my commuter bike. I'm 17 and although I have a car I can drive, I'd rather waste less gas on this. At the same time, I want to modify her to make her match my style a little more. She came with new street tires, and I'm not going through the trouble of getting Supermoto rims. But there are some changes I want to make to make her a little more like a supermoto. Firstly, I changed the front fender, and removed a mirror. Now, I have come across a little more money to throw into this, so I'm going to by some new turn signals since the stock ones burst, and I'm going to chop my rear fender and install a new tail light. Here's how I'm going to cut the rear: Also, I don't like the look of my rubber boots on the shocks. They are distasteful for me, and I want to remove them. I won't just cut them off because I'm not sure if the stock shocks have wipers. I think I might get some Shock Sox to replace the rubber covers. After that, I plan on upgrading to a DG exhaust, and maybe a Polisport Halo Headlight. So basically this is kind of a build thread, but I want feed back from you guys and tips! And if I were to maybe ask for your help, I hope some of you could provide it. I look forward to posting more on this thread, so stay tuned!