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  1. Came across this picture earlier, and can't remember these guys names... Can anybody help me out?
  2. tyamaha272

    YZ 250 When should I do a Piston Change?

    Utopian can always pull the reed out and get a flashlight. Shine in the intake portion, and you can see the piston head going up and down if you move the kickstart You* not utopian
  3. tyamaha272

    2002 yz250 keeps fouling plugs

    So I tore down the top end, and there was a lot of oil sitting on the piston head. Don't know why. But that's why it would keep bogging down and not starting. Thanks guys
  4. tyamaha272

    2002 yz250 keeps fouling plugs

    Alright, thanks ill get back to you with the results
  5. tyamaha272

    2002 yz250 keeps fouling plugs

    So I've gone through 3 spark plugs now. I'm running 40:1 ratio, and every time I ride for more than 20 min the plug fouls.. Any advice is appreciated
  6. Hello, I am about to buy a 2012 Honda crf250r, I've never bought a new bike and was wondering what is the best way to break it in? Thanks