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    1996 wxc help

    Thanks for the help eaglefreek i put a post over on huskycafe too. I know I have alot of work ahead of me, have been out of bikes for about 11 years, so I thought this would make a good little project and the price was right! lol
  2. vtbowhunter3

    1996 wxc help

    Im new to the forum and looking for some info on a 1996 wxc 125 that was recently given to me by my cousin. The bike is in great condition but has sat in a shed for thge last 10 years roughly without being run, both front and rear brake reservoirs are empty i think the seals have dried up and fluid has leaked over the years. So my question is where could i get a service manual for this bike or source parts like rebuild kits for the brembo master cylinders and calipers. Also does anyone know what this bike should run for compression? any help would be appreciated to get this bike back in good running form. Thanks