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  1. Seemysound7

    Dunlop MX32 Front Tire Mounting

    That's what I heard as far as performance. I am not sure if I am good enough really to notice the difference, but it'll bug me because it is always going to be there. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the idea around making them directional. It may work as it's designed, but in the long run it'll wear just as fast if not faster.
  2. Seemysound7

    Dunlop MX32 Front Tire Mounting

    No problem, be there soon!
  3. Seemysound7

    Dunlop MX32 Front Tire Mounting

    Yeah, I received it and saw that the arrow was the wrong way! I will have to get it remounted then.
  4. Seemysound7

    Air Boot to Airbox Foam Seal

    Is there a better alternative to the foam seal that lays between the air boot and box? I figured there has to be some type of urethane gasket that can take place of that foam gasket. Is RTV my best best? Note: I am not talking about a seal between the filter and the cage.
  5. I just had someone mount Dunlop M32's on my bike. The issue is, he mounted the front tire backwards, relative to the directional indicator. Is this something that I should have remounted, or is t fine they way it is. I am by no means a professional rider FYI.
  6. Seemysound7

    Honda CR250 RC Valve Adjustment

    I recently rebuilt the top end of the bike, and I had to unattach the cables for the RC valve. Now I am having a hell of a time trying to connect them so they make the valve work properly. I followed the manual with having the 12mm gap on the right cable when turned clockwise. Then, I readjusted the left cable when counter clockwise so that it was tight and snug. Am I missing something, or just doing it completely wrong? Any help is welcome. Thanks, AM
  7. Seemysound7

    2003 CR250 Value

    They are wiseco components, however I have used wiseco for my rm bottom end and top end with no problems. I believe it is the basket, plates, and fibers. It also has Vforce reeds.
  8. Seemysound7

    2003 CR250 Value

    I have been looking at purchasing a new bike, mostly 250 smokers, and have a question. Guy said he will take 2100 for a 2003 CR250, which has been professionally rebuilt (top, bottom, bearings, etc.) with receipt, title, rebuilt suspension (which happens to be to my weight), all new clutch, aftermarket triple clamps, and newer tires with a few hours on them. Any thoughts?
  9. Seemysound7


    I dipped my rims, then a few days later ate it and slid across the dirt. It must have snagged it because it pulled off. My buddy used the Armor All dip and that has been on his for a long time.
  10. Seemysound7

    Proper way?

    If you cleaned carbs before, a two stroke shouldn't be too different.
  11. Seemysound7

    Question regarding Valve issues

    Looking into getting a new bike, and have been looking into a Honda. However, I understand they have multiple issues related to valves. What years should I beware of and are there any type of fixes for these problems?
  12. I came off originally a RM125, then made my way to a yz250f, however I miss that snappy power, and just a 2 stroke in general. I wanna go for something more powerful, which is why I am leaning towards a 250 2t. Question is, as far as being able to roll the throttle like the thumper in corners, Will It be somewhat the same for a 250, or will I be constantly clutching the bike like a 125?
  13. Seemysound7

    Coolant Issues 2006 yz250f

    Is the weep hole underneath the water pump?