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    01 YZ125 Problems

    I just traded up for a 01 yz 125. It started right up and rode it up and down the street just to make sure it ran then made the trade. The next day I went to start it and it took a few more than average kicks to get started (eventually started) rode it a bit then parked it. Same thing happened the following day. I washed it and put it back on the stand, few days later I decided to change the oil, it was a kinda thin/thick if that makes sense, but it was like a milshake color (carmel?) I couldnt tell if there was any anti-freeze inside of it cause it did not seperate, but it did have a hint of a green look to it. Went to my local dealer and he said I could have a bad gasket or a slight crack in my moto? I got the bike for my nephews to have something to mess around on but they have yet to ride it since I do not want to completely ruin the moto. Can I get some help please on where I can start to fix this before it gets worse. I would like to do everthing my self since I am not trying to pay $97 an hour for someone to do the same thing. Again any pointers or anything will be a big help. -Thanks in advance