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  1. Looking to send the head off my 05 KX250F out to get the valves replaced and cut. Who does everyone recommend?
  2. rbraden4

    Whats missing on my carburetor? Pic posted

    Alright guys, Thanks alot... Cover is on its way...
  3. 04 KX250F just bought this bike used, it runs good and everything, but I notice the cover for my carb is missing, and someone seemed to wire these 2 levers together. Im looking for someone familiar with this carb to tell me whats missing so I can order the parts to fix it. Also what are the levers tied together? I know the cover has a screw on it but what it for? Thanks
  4. Having a hard time finding a good CDI for my 97, I can get ahold of a full system. stator, flywheel, cdi, coil, kill switch, and wiring harness from a 99. The stators are interchangeable, and the flywheels carry the same OEM part number, Does anyone know if swapping to the newer system will work? I dont see a reason why not.
  5. I bought this bike 2 weeks ago it had no spark and came with 2 CDI boxes. I couldnt figure it out so I took it to a local shop and they said the pickup was bad. So I hauled it home and replaced the pickup, now it starts and idles perfectly but as soon as you give it some throttle it will start hesitating and backfiring. Ive cleaned the carb 3 times now, fresh gas 32:1, took the 185 main out and put the stock 175 jet back it, checked compression at 160lbs I cant figure it out. Seems like its getting to much fuel but Im opened to all suggestions. Note. I did notice something odd. When I removed the choke it was just a plunger, but when I look in the book at the parts break down for the carb, it shows there should be a needle at the end of the plunger. But then when I go on ebay and look up a choke for this bike it shows a pic of just a plunger lol. Suzuki parts website also shows a needle. Any theories? Thanks