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  1. meWR250f

    Valves - shim them all?

    True that! Me and the pros...we only run on the same track a few times a year, that's it. Rest of it is tight single track, hard to bounce off the rev limiter unless I keep it in 1st. Which I never use btw. Oh well, that's another discussion
  2. meWR250f

    Valves - shim them all?

    25 hours later and my valves did not move at all. I assume it means that I still have some life left in the engine so I am postponing the top end rebuild as well. All working well but ready for storage now. Weather is getting nasty!
  3. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    Gotcha Thanks again, no need for google after all
  4. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    Thanks for the suggestions, now I have to google half of the terms to figure out exactly what you meant
  5. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    In my searches for a how-to I found this step-by-step that is pretty good. BTW, have not touched my bike yet but I am ready to order parts http://www.dirtrider.com/features/protips/141_0412_yamaha_yz250f_dirtbike_rebuild/
  6. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    Thanks, any suggestion on how to put the piston back in properly?
  7. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    Good points, thanks. I am new to this but I have good mechanical sense and zero experience in doing this. I have adjusted the valves and watched a few YT videos, I have the tools, I am ready to go (I believe). Most probably I will wait until the end of the season as I do not want to be without a ride for too long. Another newbie question: am I trying to fix something that it isn't broken? I know the recommendations of replacing at least the rings every 30h, etc. but the bike runs fine, I can say great! I am not really racing the bike, I only participate in the off-road competition at my club and do trail riding at a medium pace.
  8. meWR250f

    06 WR250f Top-End Rebuild - Need Help

    Cams and rockers show no sign of wear, I have .18 shims on all valves right now, and they are all on the loose side of the range. I will know more when I open it up, it looks like the parts come under 200$ if the valves and head are fine. Is there anything that has to be done to the cylinder once the piston is out? Part of me tells me to do this so I know that the bike is in good shape. At the same time it works very well and shows no signs of burning oil. What is the expected life of a cylinder/ head anyway? One of my riding buddies with an 2007 450 has only checked the valve clearance once so far and he is not interested in rebuilding anything until it needs it. When does a bike need this?
  9. Hi everyone, time to think about my 06 WR250f top engine rebuild and decided to do it myself. I am a self taught bike mechanic so most of what I know is either from experiencing it or reading about it. Been riding the bike for the second year now and I do not know how many hours are on the bike, I put about 60h myself and I have about 17000km on the speedometer. From what I read so far I think I need: - piston (plan to use the 08YZ high compression) - 5XC-11631-00-00 is for the 08 YZ (5NL-11631-20-00 for 06WR) - piston ring set - 5NL-11603-00-00 - piston pin - 5NL-11633-00-00 - the 2 cylinder gaskets - 5NL-11181-00-00 and 5NL-11351-00-00 - camshaft chain? - 94591-53114-00 (just because I have the engine open, I know I need the flywheel puller) And a few questions please - do I need anything else? - checked/ shimmed the valves, how do I know when they are done? What needs to be done / anything has to be done to valves and cylinder head when replacing the cylinder? Thanks in advance
  10. Check sag. If bike too low on the back it will understeer.
  11. meWR250f

    oil change?

    Or follow this if you are more of a visual type of guy
  12. meWR250f

    Hauling my 250f

    Another idea, I saw people using them on SUVs and even pick-ups
  13. Ok so that is stiffer with slower rebound? I will have to try it next time. @oldnbold, yes, I do know the feel of driving that Cadillac
  14. I do take my 06 wr 250 to a couple of tracks and I do get the looks occasionally. Not that I care much, I hold my own. My bike is set for trail riding, with clickers close to what manual suggests as standard. Do you setup your suspension different for the track? I usually don't get that much air, but I am not going too fast either. Thx
  15. meWR250f

    Popping during deceleration

    Or see #28 in forum FAQ for a better explanation of what it might be happening. Enjoy the bike!