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  1. Again thanks for the replies, this is my first motorcycle or enduro. I've only ever ridden other people's bikes. I'm trying not to sound stupid in these posts but I'm so new to this that it hurts. Thank you
  2. So i just took it for a ride in the woods, with the stock tires, got back 30min later and looked at the light, it was out, i unscrewed the adjuster for the brake pedal last night and the light turned on before it took it out earlier. now its not on. or most likely i turned the key CW. Like i said i bought this bike last night, so i'm just getting familiar with it. Thanks for helping me out, i really appreciate it. Chase Here is a Pic
  3. I just went out and pulled the brake pedal all the way up, and then pushed it all the way down, nothing changed.
  4. It's the stock lights, no mods. I messed with the nut on the adjuster and nothing happened. I'm going to try and back it off some more. Thanks chase
  5. The click is still there with the setup I have now. It's still not going out.
  6. I just bought a '02 Drz400s tonight and i pulled into my driveway and put it in the garage, i then looked back and the brake light was not going out in the back. i pulled the wires from the handbrake and moved around the wires on the foot pedal brake. no change. so i unhooked the battery. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to what i should do. it was working perfect before the 10min ride home. Thanks Chase