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  1. I went and checked my work today, I have all of the correct banjo bolts in all of the brake line and the 2 for the oil lines on the motor. Anyone have any idea where this mysterious banjo bolt came from on my 1996 xr600?
  2. Hydraulic brake light switch bolt? Can you clarify? I was thinking I may have used a regular bolt on one of the brake lines...maybe that's what you meant.
  3. And the clutch also, correct? Or is that not fluid actuated?...brain fart...
  4. I swear I have all of those and I still have one black one left over...strange.
  5. I have my entire bike taken down and the only bolt I have that I don't know where it goes is a black banjo bolt.
  6. New brake pads and discs, air filter, spark plug, fluids, fresh grease, repaired striped valve cover hole in the head, actually going to adjust the suspension,.... and don't forget the new grips,lol
  7. The first pic is what it looked like when my brother stopped riding it and got the 450. The other pic is after I painted it...before it started peeling off the tank. Now its COMPLETELY taken apart, each piece hand washed and all bolts that attach directly to the frame have been replaced. I'm trying to do it right this time, not just cosmetic
  8. I don't really have a preference on what it looks like. I just want it to look nice for a long time. It probably won't be ridden extremely hard. No racing, just riding And it HAS to be cost effective, of course
  9. Thanks for the advise, I'll have to skip the KAWI part though. That might lower the reliability. Lol
  10. I will have a paint shop do all painting. And fill all holes with..., something yet to be determined Would you suggest painting the swing arm instead of powder coating?
  11. Well shoot, I guess y'all talked me into it. I'll paint the frame, motor mounts, and triple clamps. I'm still considering powder coating the front brake line clamp, rims, and hubs. I think these pieces should be easy enough to put back together without to many clearance issues from the extra powder coating in the mix. What would y'all suggest for the swing arm? Repolish and clear coat it, paint, or powder coat?
  12. My main goal its to get the frame painted or coated. Would you paint it instead of powder coat it?
  13. Anyone know how much disassembly is required to powder coat brake calipers?
  14. Good advise. I figured I could tape off anywhere I don't want powder coated such as bolt holes on the frame and inside the fork holes on the triple clamps.
  15. Oh yeah, rear swing arm linkage also?.