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  1. Why risk it ? Unless your a pro and your career is on the line, whats a few weeks off the bike? I have had a few surgeries and was always itching to get back on and ride, but looking back, its not worth the risk, give it a little while and heal up and not have to worry about it
  2. I have been running BDP's for about 2 yrs now on my bikes, no problems and they were like $59 a set
  3. I have compression braking with my Rekluse on my KTM 450, core exp 3.0
  4. Those older KX's are decent bikes, I had a 98 and 99 before moving on to KTM's , but beware , they can be money pits with seized bolts and small stuff like that. It adds up and before long your way upside down than normal. If I couldnt get that bike for around $900 I would pass, that snapped bolt could be a sign of whats to come. If he torqued down on that oil filler bolt, what else has he done. Look at the chain adjuster bolts, they are usually seized on the older bikes and parts are harder to find, but for around 900 and if ya had to put in 600 you'd have a good bike for 1500 and thats about all I would want to be in that bike.
  5. I put the 110/100x18 GoldenTyre GT232N on my 450xcw and yes it is skinnier than my mx52 by about 1/2" . I was kinda pissed looking at it when I got it mounted, but I dont notice any difference riding
  6. No bike runs fine. has the JD tuner hooked up and no flameouts so far. I'm just real anal about preventive maintenance and keeping everything clean. I just wonder if cleaning it would make it easier to tell how much gas left in tank.
  7. I just picked up a 13 450 xcw and when removing the gas cap and fuel sock the tank looks real stained up. I rubbed a finger across surface and nothing came off. What can I use to remove all this ? The fuel jug he gave me is stained up the same way. I added a new fuel sock and installed one of those micron steel fuel filters to be safe as this is my first FI bike. Or would it be easier to just by a new stock tank at almost $300 ? Its a brown looking stain. The outside of tank looks new . Would filling the tank with bleach or seafoam and let it soak work ?
  8. I like the look and style of the BRP mounts also, but I dont like that you cant rotate the bark busters, they only sit in one position and I like my controls rotated down and you cant rotate the BRP's down any
  9. I have a KTM 250 2 stroke and a Yz450. I have been riding a 2 stroke the last 4 years and picked up the '06 450 to ride in the decade vintage class. I love them both, but with the engine braking on the 450 I am faster, feel more confident running into a corner instead of getting on the brakes with my 2 stroke. The 2 stroke feels so much lighter and I love reving it up , but I seem to be shifting more where as on the 450 I can put in 3rd on the trails and never shift, Its easier to ride. I like the both so not gonna say which is better, but I honestly love the 450 , now if it only had the "Magic Button" ! While riding the 4 stroke it feels fine, but then I get on the KTM and it feels so light. I enjoy them both
  10. RockymountainATVmc has them for 62.99 less the u clamps
  11. For $35 and up to a month to receive them and the hassle if you dont I wouldnt do it. Cant tell if they are cheap cast material or not. If they were like $20 maybe, but as pro bends are only $60 anyway and I KNOW they will work
  12. we almost got the same bikes !
  13. I had a 04 250sx, had the suspension done, went up a couple teeth on rear sprockets, put on an IMS bigger tank, kickstand and scotts dampner and it was really good in the tight single track i rode, I also put in a rekluse. I only sold it to buy a new one with the magic button. Plus I like the pds rear, nothing to get hung up on. I did buy the XCW this time , but changed over to a Slavens SX head .
  14. I put a 168 main in it and put in a new stock pilot jet, I dont bother cleaning them I change them like one a yr since they are only a couple bucks a piece. It was popping on decel pretty bad but now maybe a little pop everynow and then which is normal I was told
  15. I picked up an 06 450 a few months ago and was doing the same thing, I went up a couple sizes on my main jet , problem solved