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  1. Question is how reliable would it be. In my idea, it would be better to just buy a new set of shocks rather to re build or to reuse. There are a lot of stores that are selling cheap and even gives good discounted price like rockymountain, bikebandits, 4 wheel online etc...
  2. Yup you are correct, it needs re jetting and needle adjustment and lastly tune the af mixture.
  3. Nice bike. I how I will I could own one.
  4. No not really the controls and how you balance is still the same. Its just how you would ride it would be the difference.
  5. Doug the slug is correct. As I mentioned before. Make sure to set the TDC before adjusting the valves.
  6. Not the best, but one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. Sidi Crossfire 2.
  7. Love those 4 wheeler tires and rims what brand is it?
  8. Did you use a feeler gauge in the process of installing? Also make sure the engine is at TDC before adjusting thIs valves.
  9. Cool... What type of off road tires are those?
  10. Before anything else, are you sure you got the correct tire size for the rims? Also make sure to use correct tools in the process.
  11. Hmm that is weird. The voltage is pretty low for a new battery.
  12. Are those Itp rims? That is one bad ass atv you have there. Love the rims and atv mud tires. Thumbs up!
  13. I saw that in animal planet, I believe its a pet raccoon that destroyed the home owners house in the end.
  14. It may need some re jettings. As you mentioned your can full turn the a/f screw and end result is still the same.
  15. Honestly had the same problem with my old pair of boots. The length is just right, but not to wide enough to fit all 4 of my toes. Bought a new set with alpine star still not wide enough, but fits better.