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  1. Crocky125

    Lets see the RMZ's

    2009 250
  2. Crocky125

    Newer Chevy 2500 diesel owners.

    Suprisingly none yet. Have had to swap a few front axles do to the ujoints being worn out and hammering the yolks, same with front drive shafts wearing ujoint out at the cv. But that just neglect. Operators cant seem to hear or feel the vibration of worn out parts. Lot of hubs,and ball joints on fords and dodges and quite a few track bars on dodges
  3. Crocky125

    Newer Chevy 2500 diesel owners.

    Work as heavy duty mechanic and the way i see it: -Dodges have poor clutches and front ends -Fords have motor problems (6.0L run from it) and front ends wear out -chevs never come into the shop probably cause no one wants an ifs truck for hard work 90% of the fords and dodges that come into the shop are 550's or 5500's since there small tank trucks for well flushing and what not. So these trucks definetly get worked
  4. Crocky125


    Loctite will work as a lubricant till it dries/hardens. So if the bolt is listed with a wet torque the loctite shouldnt hurt it. If its listed with dry torque and you use loctite it will reduce thread lock and the bolt will stretch or strip as its over torqued. Im sure there is a specific reduction but im not sure. Also the bolts have diffrent grading so the m6-10.8 will have a diffrent torque than a m6-12.9 so dont mix the bolts up (dont know if they can be even) and apply same torque to each or else some may be over torqued and under torqued do to specs and the reduction.
  5. 100%'s are the best ive had out of what ive had. Come with clear and tinted lenses plus 20 tear off's. Fit perfect in my helmet. Had smyths and spy's before and the spys were a close second
  6. So i plan on installing e-track now and im wondering on whats the best way to install it? On the floor or wall just off the floor? If i go with the floor i have 3/4" plywood to bolt through. If i go with the wall i only have the studs to secure to (with self drilling screws). Which is better in the end and will be more secure/safe?
  7. Crocky125

    Who here is with cmrc?

    Watched a aotmx race this weekend and i felt like my riding would fit in with the novice/beginner. So i feel thats where id best fit in. As for the cmrc site i find its useless for trying to find information out like schedules and such since it wont work for some reason. So going off the adra site the next race is mid july
  8. Crocky125

    Who here is with cmrc?

    Yeah i was thinking ill stick with beginner now
  9. Thanks. Definetly liking the solar charging idea now that i think of it since there will be less wiring and would probably be cheaper in the end
  10. Crocky125

    Who here is with cmrc?

    From alberta and wanting to start racing. Been riding for 6 years now and just got the itch to race. Im 18 btw. Just wondering which class i should join and how skilled each class is. Looking at beginner most likely but how does junior compare as that looks to be next to beginner. Whats the diffrence between mx3, mx2 and gp? Where are the cmrc races in alberta? Checked the cmrc site and it dosnt really tell me the schedule but on the adra site it says cold lake, slave lake, whitecourt, and maidstone. Is that correct? Just wondering any help is appreciated
  11. Okay so i have got it all set up for now. Later on i will probably change my mounting and what not. Lots of ideas in that thread only if i had the time and money lol. I want to add more interior lights and possibly a radio. (trailer currently has a 4 flat plug) i want to install an auxillary battery so i dont drain truck or need to have it hooked up. What do i need for parts?. Truck has tow package so i have constant power at the back. (wire looks to be 14ga) thinking i will add a battery box on the toungue and put a junction box in there. Ill eventually put a 7 way plug on trailer so i can hook up directly without adaptors. What do i need to accomplish my wiring task? (going from truck plug to trailer junction box) anything im supposed to install to prevent back feeding and melting wires when starting primary vehicle. Thanks and sorry if that makes no sense
  12. Just got a 6x10 + plus vnose. Im planning on setting it up to haul my dirt bike, gear, fuels, and a small toolbox. Some of my questions are: 1. For securing which is better turnbuckles and the stand or tie downs and a wheel chock? 2. Floor surface how does bedliner work? 3. Adding a battery to run a stereo. Which is better and easier solar charging or charging off tow vehicle? What would be required to charge off of the vehicle? I all ready have a seven prong plug on my truck with constant power in the plug. I have searched and looked on other threads now i just want a definetive answer. Thx
  13. Crocky125

    Oil change - which gaskets/washers need replacement?

    Theres a screen tube/strainer behind a plug on the left side of the motor its 12 or 14mm its kinda tucked behind the lower frame rail for the engine. Its almost inline with the drain plug
  14. Crocky125

    Is 20w-50 to heavy?

    Just wondering before i run it in my bike if it would be to heavy and starve the top end till its warm? I know its safe for the transmission but since tranny and engine are same oil will it be good to run it? Ive been using fuel synthetic 10w40 and was thinking a heavier oil would be better. What are your opinions??