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  1. Got my son's Bike Finished! Wish the snow would leave. Gate drop in 22 days....
  2. I have the Acerbis Kit installed. The fit and body outline are smoother. Rad shrouds kick ass!
  3. Zien19

    17 airbox removal

    I did this when I needed to change my sub frame. I cant remember exactly how but it was a PIA. Just make sure the plastic's are warm and take your time to figure out the clips.
  4. Low oil pressure leading to cam tensioner issues?
  5. Zien19

    250sxf bigbore

    We have 40hrs on it now. MX use and I did the crank at the same time for peace of mind. Engine ice with no heat issues. The odd weekend in the bush as well.
  6. Zien19

    250sxf bigbore

    We did loose a little over rev but low and mid range were unreal. Top end was similar to stock. Great out of the corners!
  7. Zien19

    250sxf bigbore

    We installed on on our 08 250sxf. Ran it on pump gas without detonation. Extra load on the crank though so make sure its fresh!
  8. Zien19

    Replacing cam chain

    Nope! Need to remove the timing gear that is held in place with the clutch cover.
  9. Zien19

    2018 factory edition?

    Kris Keefer in his bike shootout stated Dec 4 we will see the unavailing of the 2018 FE.
  10. Sorry for.no reply. I ordered the 2015 upper engine mounts aND still had to alter them. After I built the upper engine mounts I'm five rounds in with no issues!! SUCCESS.
  11. So I've done the mock up and the only issue is the water sensor and the upper engine mounts.(due to the offset the 10 has) This can be rectified by altering The existing ones or ordering the current gen upper engine brackets. I timed the cams with the current gen cams and rolled over with no issues. I'll update once she is running. This will work!!
  12. So I went over to my buddies house today with my 10 head. The only difference is the water temp sensor is on the front in a dedicated port. The 15 head doesn't have it due to the exhaust running there and they relocated it to the fitting on the side that goes to the lower right rad. Everything else is identical. I'm going to mock it up to my 10. I'll keep you posted but as far as I can see you need to extend the temp harness and buy the 14-current fitting to relocate the temp sensor.
  13. I have a 10 and have a friend that raced the 15 at the pro level in Canada. Trying to score some cheap parts.
  14. Gents. Are the gtyr heads interchangeable between a 2010 and 2015. Thanks in advance.