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  1. We went to Warner valley and rode all over the place. Went to sand hollow and then went and looked at fossilized dinosaur tracks it was a lot if fun !
  2. Utah

    She does not have any single sisters but she would love to have a friend more on her level to ride with from time to time
  3. I live in Provo and ride all the time HMU in PM and let's hook it up, I'm a first timer to forums, never been on one but seems like good place to find riding buddies. I am going to Saint George feb 8-10 with dad and a friend
  4. Utah

    I was there last weekend teaching my lady to ride her new bike, she picked up a CRF250 and was doin jumps and hillclimbs her second day out, and first time ever on a bike!! We did warner valley but stayed close to the truck in case she got frustrated or tired of it I did not want her to have a bad experience but she loved it!! Next time we want to do a big loop and make a day of it Here she is on her second day !!
  5. Utah

    I'm going to be there feb 8-10 when are you going to be there ?
  6. Utah

    I'm in Utah Lived in Provo for the last 4 years and decided to buy a house last year I'm 24 and bought my first bike at age 11 with lawn mowing money that I saved for 3 years. I rode that little xr100 for 2 years then upgraded to a 95 cr250. when I was 16 I went on a routine dune trip out to Saint Anthony on senior sluff day. for the purposes of keeping this short lets just say the bike got piled up at the bottom of a 90 foot cliff and I ended up in the hospital. I finally decided its time to get it rebuilt and when I say rebuilt its gonna take a bit of work but it will be worth it. It will be in riding condition very soon and I can't wait to put my build thread up but until its done I have a 400EX that I blast around on as well I am a mediocre rider I just like to have fun with friends and need to find some dudes to ride with I work 4 10's so I'm free Friday Saturday Sunday hit me up