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  1. Hammond528

    03 yz 125 won't start.

    Hi my housemates yz 125 won't start , had a top end 8 hours ago, bike ran fine, new plug, clean filter , clean carb, clean fuel, if we bump start its start and runs rides well with no power loss, just won't idle. Have checked for air leaks , 1 wire has cane off the cdi on 2 occasions , could this be an electrical issue? Have checked earths and cleaned terminals on cdi. Any info would be great cheers.
  2. Hammond528

    Dad don't tell me what to do!

    Mikayla has now got her little sister on the track. This is what I see most weekday when I walk in from work Littles sisters first race
  3. Hammond528

    Dad don't tell me what to do!

    Don't get me wrong guys I think it's great she gives her all, the only way to learn is to make mistakes. She gets well forward now with her starts.
  4. Hammond528

    Dad don't tell me what to do!

    Sorry wrong button, She tells me to leave her to learn by herself because apparently I know nothing. Here's how her starts are working out for her. She is really going the hard way about things.
  5. Hammond528

    Dad don't tell me what to do!

    Our daughter tells me not to help her she
  6. Hammond528

    Pit bike instead of KX65 for 9 year old?

    Out daughters first bike was a rm65 (kx). After a few rides she was all good, I just repeatedly told her "the bike will only go as fast as you make it go". Kids pic up on things pretty quick
  7. Hammond528

    Trailer rebuild

    Fitted lights, very simple mark, cut, insert.
  8. Hammond528

    65 top end when to replace rings

    Cheers sappers went down to local auto store got compression tester $34 aus . Tested 3 times came up as 142, 138 and 144. I am going to re ring it , can the gaskets be reused?
  9. Hammond528

    Trailer rebuild

    Thanks mate, it's not the biggest or the best but it does us just fine. We are now in the process of fitting out the trailer, cupboards draws etc
  10. Hammond528

    65 top end when to replace rings

    Cheers for the input fellas. Found a good looking home made compression tester , thanks to the search tab, will get parts and build today. I have the rings on the shelf ready to go but don't have a gasket set. When I rebuilt the bike gaskets were put on dry. Should I have a new gasket kit on hand also? Sapper my understanding of compression test . Remove carby and reed block, remove expansion chamber, block exhaust hole and intake hole(where reeds go) remove plug place tester unit in plug hole. Kick over while reeding gauge
  11. Hi my daughter has a rm65 (kx65) had a top end rebuild 40 hours ago. This is her first bike and has been kept ringing when she forgets to change up she just holds it on. I was given a set of replacement rings and would like a few ideas about when to replace them. Always run 32:1 castor927 and 98pump gas Cheers
  12. Hammond528

    Injuries--all the gruesome details

    4yrs old first race crashed 3rd corner , got up full throttle hit the whoops cleared first 3 hit 4th with front wheel then cart wheeled the next few, open face helmet, broken nose few teeth and a bit of skin. 22yrs old kx250f nice right hand sweeper, bush track, just grabbed 5th wound on the throttle don't know what happened last thing I can remember was a leaf in my goggle and seeing the rear guard , woke up with no bike or helmet, bike was in the scrub and helmet was split in 2 from ear to ear and was around 20 meters away, no injuries just conclusion and twisted bike. Consider myself very lucky for that 1
  13. Hammond528

    Trailer rebuild

    Marking and cutting for door locks
  14. Hammond528

    Trailer rebuild

    It is pre finished, got it from a sign writer. He calls it sign white. 1.2mx2.4m $42 per sheet 6 sheets in total
  15. Hammond528

    Trailer rebuild

    More progress has been made, few more edges to do and some new mud flaps to bend up. Went to purchase locks for rear door, 3 places I went to had 1 only, all same style but all different sizes. :banghead Have decided to paint floor black and walls and inner roof white ,just to tidy things up a bit. Kids test the roof struts