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    JR50 too small

    Thank you. I'll have a look at those. Raising the JR50 still won't make it tall enough. Thanks for the advice!
  2. onlyusgirls

    JR50 too small

    My daughter is too big for her JR 50. I need a bigger bike for her size (170cm) but don't want her to have any more power and still want it to be a safe bike (and automatic - no gears). I have seen many 50s that are taller but they aren't very stable on the ground and she is not a daredevil in any way. She had a go at another one but it was too 'dangerous' for her and she refused to use it again. They seem to still have the same small tires but be much taller and this seems to lose their stability for a girl that is very placid. Any suggestions?