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  1. Amour964928

    2009 TTR 50 Throttle Limit?

    Is there a way to limit the throttle? My 3 year old only wants to go fast & I'm afraid he'll have a bad wreck & not want to ride anymore, as my husband's cousin did. Is there a screw somewhere on this like the PW50s have? If so where is it located?
  2. I bought a FMF SST and FMF Shorty silencer. I mounted the pipe on my 2006 KTM 250 SX. I tried then to mount the silencer and found that the outlet on the pipe was too big for the silencer. Is this a common problem? The silencer fits my stock pipe just fine. Does the SST pipe need specific silencer? Should I try to modify? Anything will help thanks.
  3. Amour964928

    Fuel Tanks

    Okay, thank you. I have no desire to be creative. I just want it to fit.
  4. Amour964928

    Fuel Tanks

    Does anyone know if a 2008 yz450f fuel tank will fit a 2003 yz 125?