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  1. After many hours investigating why this is happening - not fuel !! Two new stators and full electrical assessment later - no closer to solution - stumped!! Would appreciate any advice from others who may have seen similar!
  2. Firstly thanks to all who give such great advice on site. Very helpful! My XR I inherited in pretty poor shape has started to cut out / stall etc under high revs! Starts great , runs great etc but in soft sand or high speeds ( ie under high revs) she cuts out or splutters! Not fuel - mechanic did electrical test on system and found stator wasn't putting out enough ( even though only 3 months old and was going great after replacement ) so I bought and replaced new stator - did same thing!!! Was told I needed to run extra regulator as my new stators have two outputs for more lighting! Did that - still same !!! Absolutely stumped and would love some advice as I love the old bike?? Thanks