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  1. Ok so I put the new piston in and then I realized this whole time I forgot to turn the gas on!! Just kidding but the new piston is in and the bike runs great again! Im not sure what happened to the old one over the winter but who cares now. Thank you so much for the help everyone!
  2. I triple checked my cylinder measurements, bought the repair manual (digital copy), and purchased a new piston based on that information. Hopefully later this week I will have a motorcycle that at least starts.
  3. Thanks So my bike has a 54mm piston in it now and my bore size is 54mm. What size should I buy, I keep seeing pistons labeled as standard (53.95) A (53.96) B(53.97) and C (53.98). They all "Interchange directly with OEM parts" And btw thank you for all the help everyone, I really appreciate it.
  4. Heres a picture of the bike on my instagram Im also looking at a few wiseco pistons, I just don't know what size to buy
  5. I checked the bore and it is 54.00 mm at the top and bottom so it looks like I got lucky there. The piston I had a little trouble measuring with my caliper but the measurement I got was 53.64mm. Here's a picture of the top of the piston after I cleaned it up. Now I need to buy a new piston but here's whats interesting, I looked up the code on top of the piston and heres what i found. Wiseco Part#: 741M05400 Product Type: Single Pistons Description: KAWASAKI KX125 99-00 PROLITE 2126CS " I was told the bikes a 1998, when I removed the reed cage I noticed it was from an 03 kx125 and the piston in its for a 99-00. I'm a little confused now. Heres the piston Im looking at, what do you guys think. -edit- This is the same one but a little cheaper than ebay
  6. I'm going to try to free the ring and start it tomorrow and see what happens but I'm going to buy a new piston anyways. You guys think this piston problem could be what's keeping the bike from starting?
  7. The compression tester was an ebay special. I tore into the bike today to really get a look at the piston and combustion chamber. Two things caught my attention. First the piston ring is stuck completely flush with one side of the piston (the exhaust side directly next to/over the exhaust port). The second is the piston has a number of nice scratches above and below the ring where its stuck on the exhaust side. The scratches aren't deep enough to feel with your finger but when I lightly run a screw driver over them I can feel them. Ill attach some photos below, I didn't get a pic of the scratches, if you guys want to see them I can go take one. I really just want to ride. You guys have an suggestions to help my current problem? Thanks everyone
  8. Ok so i received my flywheel puller and removed the flywheel only to find the key was fine. However I found out the compression tester I used broke long ago (why my father keeps it around I don't know) so i picked up a new tester and what do you know 25PSI! This is definitely a problem and most likely why it wont start. I know the reeds are good so it must be the rings. I looked in through the exhaust port and the rings looked fine, but a visual inspection wont tell you much. I'm assuming this means I should buy new rings, piston, and gaskets then right?
  9. Thank you, Ill have to try that. Will a cheap timing light like this do the job fine?
  10. So today I put in my need reeds, cleaned the carb again this time making sure I removed and cleaned the pilot jet, and did a compression test (170 psi) but the same thing is still happening except now it seems to backfire every 5-10 kicks not 10-15. Any ideas?
  11. Ok I see what you mean, I took off and cleaned out the main but I didn't notice the pilot. Ill have to specifically look at that. Would a clogged pilot cause the bike not to start even for a second when i put fuel directly in the combustion chamber?
  12. Thanks for the information guys. I pulled the jets out of the carb over the weekend and soaked them in carb cleaner, but I did not even notice small holes in the pilot so i will need to take a second look at that. Assuming by pilot you mean #16014on this diagram Sorry I don't know a lot about about carbs. I also forgot to mention I have tried putting a small amount of fuel directly into the combustion chamber and the same thing happens, kick kick kick pop. I have not done a compression test (I need to buy a tester), I was just saying it doesn't feel any different.
  13. Hi, I am at a complete loss. I have a 1998 KX125, I bought it in June and it ran great all summer until I put it away when I went to college in September. I put it away a little early because while I was riding one day my shift lever came loose so I couldn't shift, when I tried to tighten the shifter back onto the shaft I broke the bolt and had to order a new shifter. Fast forwarded to October, the bike hasn't been started in 6 weeks, I put on the new shifter and planned to take the bike out for a ride but it would not start. I installed a new plug and after ALOT of kicking and hassle (and a few backfires out the exhaust) my friend and I got the bike running. It ran terrible and stalled a few times (every time it stalled it was near impossible to start again) finally It stalled and would not start again. I leave go back to school and come home for Christmas and try to start it, every 10-15 kicks backfire andnever even sounds like its going to start. Now last week I came home determined to get the bike running because the weather is getting really nice. I first try to start the bike and again 10-15 kicks it backfires out the exhaust and that's it. When I kick it for about 30-40 seconds straight it starts pumping a little smoke out the exhaust which I though was strange. So here's the list of what I did and checked (not in any order) -New plug, nice blue spark -Cleaned air filter, and confirmed airways to carb were clear -Removed and cleaned carb -Fresh gas -Removed entire exhaust and made sure it was clear -Removed and sanded all the grounds I found (2 under the gas tank) -Cleaned all electrical connections I could find -Checked the reeds , they didn't look great so I ordered some new ones (not that I know exactly what I'm looking for) The bike feels like it has good compression. I've been told maybe the woodruff key has sheared. I removed the flywheel cover and looked around in there. I do not have a flywheel puller, is there a way to tell if the woodruff key broke without removing the flywheel? And does anyone know that the stator gap is suppose to be on this bike? I have also been told there maybe a problem with the CDI and it nots sparking at the right time. I know my timing marks are lined up correctly atleast. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!