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  1. 2014 690 Duke? That bike is great. Bought mine in October 2015 for way less than list. Yeah, there are other bikes in the class with more power, but power/weight is best with the 690. Have over 7,000 miles on mine now. I'd modify it, but it's just a ton of fun dead stock. I have the bucking at low RPM, too, but it got better when I started riding map2 instead of map1. The 2016, and now 2017, must have pretty much eliminated vibration, and the 2017 has about 10% more horses. So, these just get better and better. Since my other bike is a KTM 300, it's essential that my street and dirt bikes have similar response when I twist the throttle, because muscle memory. I'm a happy Duke rider.
  2. Have you tried the KTM website? Like here:
  3. You can download a copy of the manual from KTM.
  4. I'm not sure I understand. Did you offer $400 or did he? If you offered $400 and he accepted, then you've already bought yourself a motorcycle. If $400 is his offer on the table, go get the bike before someone else does. Things on Craigslist can get snapped up fast if the price is good. I can't believe you would start negotiating before you've even seen the bike, but it's hard to go wrong at that price. I guess if it's not a done deal yet, check it out in person and be sure the frame is not cracked or what not. Even that can be repaired.
  5. Grease was my guess. Had the same problem on my KLX250. I put grease on it, but it wanted moar.
  6. arrow, I have the Q4, Megabomb, Stage 2 Dynojet (128 main jet + needle), and the snorkel removed. I think it's about a 20% improvement in power. A few weeks ago, I totally smoked a friends WR250R from a red light. That's just peak power near max RPM. At moderate RPMs, where you actually ride, it's much more than 15 or 20%. The bike really comes alive. And on the highway, less stuttering and popping, and no pop-pop-pop on decel. The exhaust is ~$550. Most of it is probably in the muffler itself, but mine all went on at once, so I can't say. The jetting kit is $50, and is essential if you upgrade the exhaust and open the airbox. Removing your airbox snorkel is free. Your bike will run cooler, be less cold-natured on startup (less choke needed), and be more fun. On the minus side, your mileage will drop by about 20%