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    What model headers will fit 1979 XR500?

    I wish that were the case, but unfortunately the flanges have already broken off and been brazed back on once... They are so thin now that there's nothing to weld or braze to anymore
  2. Hi there, I have a 1979 XR500 that I bought new but had gotten stolen from me back in 83. I lucked into getting it back after over two years and couldn't believe how someone could destroy a bike in such a short time, but they did. Anyhow, I'd love to restore it, but not necessarily back to stock. I'm looking for an aftermarket exhaust, since all I have left are the headpipes and they are rusted terribly. I can find 79 headers but most of them seem to be in as bad shape as the ones I have. I see some from 81, 82, and up to 84, but aren't sure if they are the same. I suspect the newer (RFVC) engines might have different headpipes, but is that true? Thanks for any help! Also, if anyone has a Supertrapp set to sell, I'd love to buy them!