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  1. thatguy156

    What tools should I buy?

    Feeler gauges. All the specialty tools are not necessary if you don't have the money. You can do almost anything on a bike with basic tools.
  2. thatguy156

    The Best And Worst Graphics Companies

    Can't believe you guys spending 300$+ on graphics. Dusty over at Link MX will hook it up for a lot less. And they don't lack in quality either. Quite a few top guys have run Link graphics.
  3. thatguy156

    Changing oil.. 2 drain plugs? (RM 4 stoke)

    Yes. Kawi has the same thing. If you just drain the main one you're leaving oil in the engine.
  4. thatguy156

    Tear offs?

    Laminated are good to have when its raining or really soupy mud. Water and such can't get between them. As for normal tear offs go to cheaptearoffs.com. 50 tear offs for 12$ and shipping is quick and like 2-3 dollars.
  5. thatguy156

    Changing oil.. 2 drain plugs? (RM 4 stoke)

    Its appears that your bike is an older 04-06 steel frame. While the first pic appears to be a new aluminum frame bike. Motors are probably completely different. So just drain the one. Also the other plug on the above pic is most likely there. That hose is the coolant overflow hose.
  6. thatguy156

    Tire size questions

    Its all in what you like. The bridgestone tires are great. I've always run the soft terrain tire though.
  7. thatguy156

    Tire size questions

    It'll fit but it'll steal some power. That's a lot of tire for a 125. MXA recommends going to 110 from the 120 on the new kawi 450s. So if they take it off a 450......
  8. thatguy156

    Who is Ronnie Mac?

    Top jimmy. Its not bq. Bq has tats. Ronnie Mac does not.
  9. thatguy156

    Getting faster in the rough stuff

    Faster you hit the rollers the easier it is. You just have to make your head believe that. And don't be so far forward on the bike in the rollers.
  10. thatguy156

    Good Tractor for building track?

    Our track is rolling terrain. Took a little work to get the drainage right but it wasn't bad. Then about 3-4 days to shove up enough dirt for our 140' table top. And we didn't haul in any dirt. Designed it so we had to move the least amount of dirt as possible and keep the natural terrain.
  11. thatguy156

    Tear offs?

    Just got turned onto cheaptearoffs.com last week. I was totally missing out. They're cheap and shipping is fast.
  12. thatguy156

    Good Tractor for building track?

    Rent a dozer to build the initial track. You can build a simple track in a few days with a dozer. Skid steers are ok but not my thing. The tractor would be ok to maintain the track once its built. Just get a small tiller or set of discs.
  13. Just loud enough to not hear the motor chatter. Rode a friends 2012 Honda 450 with stock pipe and hated hearing the chatter from the motor.
  14. thatguy156

    2013 kx450f piston

  15. thatguy156

    The Best And Worst Graphics Companies

    Dusty Walker at Link MX graphics. Great quality and prices.