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  1. "My front end slides out when I try to slow down for a corner. No I don't use my rear brake"
  2. Dont know if this helps but i know a good place to send your suspension that will tune the forks and shock to you and any type of riding but its here in Oklahoma. Marshalls Racing.
  3. How much are you asking for them?
  4. Good Article http://www.motocross.com/features/the-yamaha-yz450f-curse-fact-or-fiction/
  5. It is a throttle position sensor check out this article http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/373965-04-yz450-throttle-position-sensor-unplug-it-or-not/
  6. Does anyone know where i can find a rear spring for this little smoker for a 175lb rider? I have tried racetech site but spring calculator doesnt give any options for the rear..... Also any other tips or parts to check out would be great for transforming it into my pitbike.
  7. Very clean bike!
  8. You can always strap a flashlight on the YZ haha but really i think it covers a wider spectrum of riders than a WR in riding styles and environments. Both are awesome bikes though!
  9. Wheel Bearings Swing Arm Bearings Rear Shock Bearings Steering Head Bearings Muffler Bearings haha j/k on that one Making sure those arent wore out or are greased can free up some power and control.
  10. No spark arrestor
  11. 04 YZ450F
  12. The 110/90/19 is what i run on my 04 yz450f the 120 lessens the grip in ruts from other riders and make the bike push high in corners in my opinion.
  13. Good story and congratulations. Continue to mark them off on the 03 its a bad a$$ machine.
  14. First thing i do to a new/used bike is set the race sag and adjust suspension to condition im riding and then adjust bars, levers, and shifter to me. Then if youre still not satisfied pull out the wallet.
  15. The 4.1 sounds great. Not too loud. Thanks for the comments it was just a random thought of the day i decided to post lol