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  1. I have 100 hours on mine and really the only thing you can do is get the gytr power tuner and put a less aggressive map in the bike (gytr has a preset list of maps you can go off of) and put a rekluse clutch in it. 1st gear is useless in that bike 13/50 gearing and it pulls nice and smooth in the woods.
  2. hey man you ever figure out the issue with your bike. I have the same bike and the same problem.
  3. my 2015 yz250fx bogged and died at the tack yesterday almost like it ran out of gas but had plenty. now it just turns over and has a subtle popping/backfire in the exhaust. I have the gytr computer and it's not showing any error codes and the fuel pump is working. the bike has spark and I drained and put new gas in the bike. the only thing i have yet to check is to see if the injector some how got dirt in it and clogged. the bike has about 95 hours on it but has plenty of compression. has any body else had this issue?