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  1. heaththemoose440

    ktm 380?

    I'm looking at a 98 ktm 380 mxc (assuming since there is no headlight.) I want a big bore 2 stroke but I don't know much about the 380's.. So my main question is, I know its powerful, but is the powerband just insane like a 250 or more mellow and torquey like a 300? also just tell me about experiences with the bike any year and any model. Any info helps me a ton, thank you.
  2. heaththemoose440

    150xc for MX?

    The gearing are not identicle between the sx and xc, look at any magazine review. The xc has a short 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, with a long 4th, 5th, and 6th.
  3. heaththemoose440

    Advantage/Disadvanage of a 120 rear tire?

    i ran a 120 on my 250x and it was good for trail riding. but i got 110s on my 450 and its comfortable everywhere
  4. heaththemoose440

    Help, advice, tips, ect.

    I just traded my 08 raptor 350 for an 03 yz450f a few days a go. is there anything you guys can tell me like maintenance tips, things to look out for and watch for, advice, anything? What oil you guys run, mods, tires, once again anything. Just let me know please.
  5. heaththemoose440

    Help! Please! 2013 raptor 350 problems.

    its just getting stuck in between gears or a "false nuetral" thats what my 08 did and it was brand new. its not the bikes fault its yours you can shift fast but take the time to actually get the clutch pulled in all the way and get it full shifted before hitting the throttle again. you can still shift fast you just have to make sure you do everything fluently