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  1. emso

    Carburetor swap

    My1979 rm250 carburetor was designed to have no idle and that's a pain. The carb is a mikuni vm36. If I can find another mikuni 36 can I swap it and of course I would change the jetting to match the other carb...or does someone have another idea? Thanks
  2. emso


    turns out that my pilot jet should be a #60 and I have for a main jet #280. For the main jet I have the option of #260, 270, 280, 300, and a 310. It being a pig on fuel would it be okay to go down to a 260 for the main jet....also does anyone have a trick on how to re seized pilot jet.? Mine will not come. thanks
  3. emso

    swing arm pivot bolt

    how tight should the pivot bolt be when you slide it inside the bushing?? The bushing goes in tight inside the bearing...no play in that area, only play is inside the bushing that's why I'm thinking that the pivot bolt I have is not the correct one.. Anybody else have a "79 rm250 that could measure the length and width of the bolt.? thanks
  4. emso

    swing arm pivot bolt

    lol...sorry about that its a 1979 Suzuki rm250...I must have been really tired?!
  5. After a ride the other day I noticed some side to side play in my swing arm. After taking out the swing arm, I inspected the needle bearing and they are fine but I noticed some play with the pivot bolt when its inside the spacer(part number 5 on bikebandit diagram). Getting the spacer does not seem to be a problem, I can get a complete kit spacers and bearings but I would like to replace the pivot bolt. Would anyone know what the size is...diameter and length, the reason I'm asking is that I wonder if I have the correct one. thanks for the help.
  6. emso

    1979 rm250

    Would should I have for compression for a 1979 Suzuki rm250? thanks
  7. emso


    I find that my '79 rm250 runs a little rough at slow speed and the one thing I've never done is check the jetting in the carb. Would someone have the jet sizes and also what position should the clip be on the main jet. thanks
  8. emso


    Hi I have a 2004 ktm 125 sx and was wondering if I can run 15w40 diesel oil in the tranny. I have for years in my 1979 rm250 and it loves it but not sure for the ktm. thanks
  9. emso

    flywheel weight

    anyone add a flywheel weight to an older mx?? I'd like to put one on my 1979 rm250 but have no idea whom to contact. thanks
  10. emso

    engine vin number

    picked up an old suzuki engine, its air cooled rm250 with vin number 42151. Anyone have an idea what year it is....the guy I bought it from thinks its a 1979...I would like to make sure before I order parts. Going to use the engine in an old frame I have laying around.
  11. emso


    Will a flywheel magneto assembly from a pe 250 fit a rm 250 frm the same year??
  12. emso

    idle screw

    yeah looks like no idle....darn!!
  13. emso

    idle screw

    I have a 1979 rm250n and I cannot seem to find an idle adjustment. At this moment when you let go of the throttle it shuts off...and I cannot for the life of me find the idle srew on the carb !!!!??? What am I missing???
  14. emso

    octane level

    Hi What octane level does a 1979 rm250 need? I think its 97 or higher...not sure!!
  15. emso

    transmission fluid

    Any specific type of ATF oil to use or stay away from? thanks