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  1. dominion7

    MY 2018 Beta 500 RR-S Thread

  2. dominion7

    Beta RR-S 500 or KTM EXC 500

    Another great point. After reading all the posts, the ECM change for the KTM seems like just another way to money grab. Its just like when I buy my Harleys, I have order a tuner, breather, headers & pipes before I ever pick it up! Then like you said you have to wait on parts anyway so why not order online from the get go.. great info!
  3. dominion7

    Beta RR-S 500 or KTM EXC 500

    Man I am sorry, I don't know where I got that number $7,999.00 I looked everywhere online, I know I seen it on something. I must have been looking at a used bike or something. Thanks for pointing that out. That being said, if I do buy new, I would go KTM just because the parts store is 10mins from the house. Yes I did misunderstand about the strictly dirt conversion. I believe in Indiana there is something in the serial number (a particular letter or something) on the title that tells the BMV whether or not it is eligible for a plate. Otherwise, yeh I'd just get the strictly dirt thumper, and plate it so you dont have to do all the mods to make it that much better. But at 51, the street legal stuff is plenty for me :-)
  4. dominion7

    Beta RR-S 500 or KTM EXC 500

    I really appreciate all the info brothers...
  5. dominion7

    Beta RR-S 500 or KTM EXC 500

    I have never converted a strictly dirt bike. I have only owned XR650L & DR400S, which can be plated without any issues because they are already street legal. I went to my KTM dealer and the street legal 500EXC goes for $10,999.00; If you g out to the BETA USA website (http://betausa.com/content/2018-beta-rr-s-dual-sports), the already street legal 500RR-S is $7,999.00. So I am just wondering for 3K less, just invest in the BETA. I haven't heard anything bad about them. As long as you dont mind ordering parts online, instead of going down to the local KTM dealer any time you want to get parts.
  6. dominion7

    MY 2018 Beta 500 RR-S Thread

    Man Cali must suck. Here in Indiana flush mounts are fine, I have some bikes without mirrors but end up using little bicycle fold up cheapies. The cops are way cooler out this way..
  7. I am starting to rethink choosing KTM for my next bike. I like the look and what I am reading about the new Beta enduros. Anyone have experience on a Beta? Feel free to post your opinions (I know the KTM guys will be lol), but 3K less and performance sounds awesome. Im curious. RIDE ON!
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    New member

    Is that a 360 Scrambler?
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    New member

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    Chance of factory bike

    Love it
  11. Ok, sorry about that. I thought it was a 2 stroke
  12. Oh I am sure the smoker will..Ive never had issues with smokers pulling me around.. I was speaking of 250 thumpers..i am wondering if that KTM 300 smoker is platable.. :-)
  13. But what if i need a big fat heavy pig to carry my big fat heavy pig ass around? Im being serious, I'm 6'2" 265lbs. I still kind of dwarf the drz400e. Is there an awesome 250 out there that doesnt look like (fat guy in a little coat)... That would be great..i really hated picking up that big red pig 650 when things went awry on a hillside...