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  1. California

    Tempting, what day?
  2. California

    Could be epic !!
  3. California

    Since your brought up the K, is Elephant mine loop difficult?
  4. California

    Yup Friday works even better
  5. E-streets back track is vet friendly, Mmx sand track is my choice (right next too e-street)
  6. California

    Saturday might work
  7. California

    This has potential
  8. California

    Sunday anyone? Anywhere ? Eld650?
  9. Hard to really compare it to anything. My first tire on my new tubliss setup (18") plus I've never ridden a true trials tire. First impression was excellent. Straight traction was very good. In the turns I felt it a little slippery than a knobby but once I gained some confidence it feels good. Great over rocks, roots, trees or in the mud. Braking on steep downhills felt the same as a knobby. It sucked side hilling or in pine needles. Over all I'm impressed. It'd be hard to think that there's a better tire for what I ride. I haven't ran it lower than 10psi. Next ride going to try 6-8psi. One thing I noticed is the compound is sticky too the touch and super soft. I can take a knob pinch it and twist it over 90*. I thought my crf450 would have thrown them off but after a 100 miles it looks brand new.
  10. Got mine by luck over a month ago. Was told the port deal was a big issue for them.
  11. I might be free to ride Monday or Tuesday.
  12. California

    I'll be free around then. Heal up
  13. California

    Watching the thunderheads build from the middle of the valley. Both sides going off.
  14. California

    Made the trek down too ElDorado650s turf this morning. Just the two of us with epic chocolate cake conditions. Great riding, we managed to get in about 60+ miles never back tracking. I seen him do some hill climbs on that beast of a bike that blew me away. Not mention how fast he is, I tried to hang with him at the end but he just walked away from me. Thanks again for the tour. Next trip we must go up that trail we went down. I'll be watching the weather.