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  1. RichM1983

    New head new valves

    Just a heads up if you search hard enough you may just be able to find a manual. FIND if you catch what I'm saying.
  2. RichM1983

    Snapped my kickstart lever in half

    Mine actually split where the splined part is. It split right down from the spline. I actually still have the lever, it was fine.
  3. RichM1983

    Snapped my kickstart lever in half

    My bike is an 05 and it has a kickstarter from a 12 model. It fits nicely. So you could use one from that style of bike if you wanted. I used the one from a 12 model on my 05 because it was the cheapest one I could find on eBay lol.
  4. RichM1983

    Special nut removal?

    Just a heads up I didn't see you mention if you got the special tool to pull the the flywheel. Better add it to the list or you'll be waiting on the mail man again.
  5. RichM1983

    CRF450 No Spark

    Hey guys I hate to create a thread on this but I have read every thread I could on this and can't get the answer I need. I have a 05 450r and I can't get any spark from it, absolutely none! Here is a list of what I've done: -I checked the stator coil resistance and it was good. I don't have a peak voltage tester so I can't check that. -I checked the kill switch. All appears good with that. If I push the button down and kick the bike over with my thumb under the button where the wires are it will shock the crap out of my thumb. I also read they are known to go bad and that to test if its the problem just unplug it, I did that and still no spark. Given that I'm obviously getting some voltage there I don't think the stator coil is the issue because if I'm getting enough voltage at the kill switch to shock me then I would think there would be enough to give at least a weak spark. - I checked the ground and it appears to be good. There is only one connected to the frame and it is by the coil. -I checked the carb wires and the plug in and they are good (even though I read it won't effect spark). -I checked all the wires from the stator coil where they plug in to the main harness by the fuel petcock. All are tight and I was getting the proper resistance through the stator coil. Anything else I could check for here? -I tried multiple different spark plugs with no results. -I checked the ignition coil for the spark plug. When I checked the primary circuit resistance it was 1.3 ohms and it should be between .1-.3 ohms. The secondary circuit resistance should be over 15k ohms and I'm getting 11k ohms. So I thought awesome that's the problem. I bought another coil on ebay from a running bike and I check it and its the same readings as my original basically and there is no spark. Seller says it was working a few weeks ago. Is it my testing method or do I have two bad ignition coils? ---For the primary circuit I set the meter to the 200ohms measurement and put one lead on the one wire plug and one on the lug where it bolts to the frame and get the 1.3 ohms. For the secondary circuit I set the meter to the 20k ohm setting and put one lead on the one wire plug and the other in the spark plug boot and get =/-11ohms. I get similar results for both coils. I'm lost. I usually don't have this sort of trouble but I'm struggling. Could it be the CDI/ECU? Back history on the bike. Owner was an idiot. He didn't perform basic maintenance and the oil was dirty and had shavings in it that locked up the oil pump shearing the drive cog for it which partially seized the crank. I knew all of this when I bought it. He said he was driving down the road at a high speed when it shut down. Never totally locked up but he couldn't ever get it started again even by pulling it. Luckily or it may have totally seized and grenade the cases. I fixed all the motor stuff and figured I was done. Now apparently the wiring is causing issues. I figured every little bit of info could help steer me in the right direction. Again sorry for creating a thread. I am not a newb I have worked on bikes my for most of my life and this has me stumped. I guess it could be as simple as a two bad ignition coils but I'd like confirmation before spending more coin. This has been a costly bike so far lol.
  6. I get your apprehension but if you keep the lever compressed when you crack the bolt loose no air should enter. Hopefully you'll get some out and solve your issue. I've never used a vacuum bleeder but I think it should have taken all the air out. If they still don't work I'd say its worth a shot. You have to be at your wits end. Good luck!
  7. You haven't mention it yet but have you bled the air from the master cylinder itself? I've had this issue before and that fixed it. Just follow the same procedure as when your bleeding via the nipple on the caliper. Just pump the breaks a few times and hold the lever down as far as you can and then crack open the bolt for the line at the master cylinder. Then close it off and repeat a few times. I know it probably won't help given all that you have done but its worth a shot.
  8. RichM1983

    Honda CRF450R (2005)


    So far its a good bike.
  9. RichM1983

    Honda CRF450R 2005

    So far its a good bike.
  10. RichM1983

    08 sxf 450

    The problem is that there IS NOT a real box. It is just a compartment created by several different pieces of plastic. All other bikes I've had an actual box.
  11. eBay. I got one on there. http://myworld.ebay.com/mthollyracing/&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2754 Get in touch with this guy and tell him what you need. He should be able to get you what you want.
  12. RichM1983

    Looking for a kickstand....

    I'd like one as well. What kickstands will fit an 08 450 sxf? Any ideas?
  13. RichM1983

    2008 450 SXF service manual.

    I don't have one for 08 it's an 07 but its very close. Send me a private message. I'm on vacation but will get to you ASAP.
  14. RichM1983

    2008 KTM 250 xcf shifter problems

    Wow your friend must not know bikes very well. If the splines on the shifter are good then you are going to have pull the cover off and check to see what happened inside...Good luck. On a side note my 450 is HARD to get into neutral when running. Anyone know why these bikes are hard to get into neutral?
  15. RichM1983

    KTM SXF Valve Check and Re-Shim

    Ahh geez. Nice catch. I'm an idiot.