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  1. nick717r

    rear brakes

    tried all that still not going in, i'm not pushing really hard because i don't want to break anything. Should i push harder?
  2. nick717r

    rear brakes

    I was paying attention to the wear on my rear break pads so once i finally changed them it was metal to metal. Now i cant get the piston from the caliper to push back in far enough, what should i do to fix this?
  3. nick717r

    2009 kx250f problems

    Hi i have a 09 kx250f. It starts first kick every time when cold but once hot it sometimes starts easy but sometimes it wont kickstart at all so i have to jump start it. AlsobIt will just shut off randomly sometimes and i have no idea why.
  4. nick717r

    Hard to start when hot

    i have the same problem with my 09 kx250f. Starts first kick everytime when cold but sometimes it take 1 kick to start hot others 20 and others it just wont kick start(very annoying). I usually have to jump start it but its hard to do that on the rough single tracks. I was talking to some guy the other day and he thinks its compression but its been doing this then entire time ive had the bike so i don't think it is. IfYou figure out the problem woth yours let me know
  5. nick717r

    Starting techniques

    Sounds to me like you should check your valves. Not positive thats the problem but that is what it sounds like. When i start my bike i turn the gas on, pull the choke out, crank the throttle 2 times then it starts first kick 95% of the time wether its cold out been siting for a while or i just rode it the day before.
  6. nick717r

    Looking for a tad more top end.

    pipe has been on there sence i got the bike so couldnt tell you sorry
  7. nick717r

    Looking for a tad more top end.

    I have the same problem on my 2009 kx250f. Currently i have 13/50 sprockets and im gonna try 13/49 to see how that goes. My bike has a. Fmf megabomb into a fmf powercore 4.
  8. nick717r

    Crf250x vs cr125

    That sucks man i payed 2650 for my 2009 kx250f in mint condition with lots of extras. I talked him down quite a bit but still.
  9. nick717r

    Crf250x vs cr125

    I don't know if used bikes are high where you are but 2800 for a 04 cr125 is wayy to much
  10. nick717r

    Anybody run 13/52 gearing?

    My 2009 kx250f currently has 13/50 on it. It is defiantly all bottom end and shifts through the gears quick. I just bought a 49 rear tooth to hopefully give me more length in the gears, i mainly ride trails.
  11. nick717r

    Slow wheelies?

    Hi i have a 09 kx250f and i just cant seem to learn how to slow wheelie. Just wondering who can slow wheelie what you have for bikes and any tips?
  12. nick717r

    KTM 150SX vs 125SX

    If you have the choice between either bike get the 150 just for that little extra power
  13. nick717r

    2008 kx250 or rmz250

    If you are buying a used bike it doesn't matter what make it is, all that matters is how the person who had it before took care if it. Depending how that person took care of it and how you keep up on maintenance is how reliable it will be. And in my honest opinion all the main makes are good bikes, some people are strictly honda or something but kawi and yamaha and suzuki are just as good, i prefer kawasaki because i like the way they look and i have had good luck with them.
  14. If you want to flip 4 strokes motocross bikes buy the ones with updated plastics and aluminum frames, more people lookin for them and they look a lot nicer.