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  1. Cool. Thanks for the info. I'm going to pickup one from eBay and give it a try.
  2. Did you remove the rubber headlight cover when you went with this setup? It seems like you would have to do that for the fan to be able to cool the bulb properly.
  3. bfly

    KTM 250 SXF Hard to Start

    Well there you go, now I have an excuse to install a big bore kit on my SX.
  4. bfly

    KTM 250 SXF Hard to Start

    If it makes you feel any better my 07 250sxf is a bitch to start when cold but starts hot just fine.
  5. +1 for Hitchcock industries. Neil does great work. Of course I live in Colorado so things are a lot easier.
  6. http://www.mapletonhill.com/staff/d_roter.html
  7. bfly

    Ktm 250 Sx-f

    KTM rate their bikes wet without fuel. Japanese makers rate their bikes dry.
  8. bfly

    250 sxf vs. 250XC-F

    Another vote for the SXF. I would love to have the e-start but not when it costs another 20lbs. For that much weight gain I would rather have the 450SXF.
  9. For those interested, I decided to replace my trusty '03 300 with a '07 250sx-f for trail riding. I finally got a chance to take my new 250sx-f out for a couple of rides this weekend. All I can say is "WOW", it is a great trail bike. It is so nice having some 4T torque again and it still revs well. Don't get me wrong it doesn't rev like a 300 but it still revs nicely. The suspension on the 250 is amazing compared to my 300. Both were setup by Hitchcock Industries but the 250 is so much better it is almost scary. My only problems so far are the hard starting and learning how it corners. I have had a bear of a time getting it started when hot. It is slowly getting easier but what a pain it has been for the first few rides. The other problem I had was learning how it cornered. The first ride out I thought my front tire either had too much air or was just garbage. I kept pushing the front tire through turns until I realized it was due to the traction the 4T gives you. Instead of spinning the rear tire with all kinds of HP the 250 just hooks up and away you go. I am sure after I get tired of the maintenance I will be singing a different tune but so far I love this bike. -- For reference: Suspension setup for trail riding, FMF 4.1, JD jet kit and various protection bits.
  10. bfly

    2008 sxf250?

    From what I had read it was mostly to do with getting a little more low end power - different header, exhaust cams and mapping. I went with an '07 since it was $1200 cheaper.
  11. bfly

    '07 250sx-f oil level

    Thanks all. I think when I changed the filter I might have been a little over zealous with how much oil I put into the filter box.
  12. How much oil are people putting in their bike after an oil change? I changed my oil and filter, putting in the recommended 1.1 liters. When I checked the site glass the oil was all the way at the top. The manual says to put in 1.1 liters but also says, cold, the level should be at the bottom of the site glass. So . . . how much oil are people putting in their bike after an oil change?
  13. Hitchcock Industries - Neil does great work. (303) 761-4652
  14. bfly

    Steering Stabilizer???

    I had a stabilizer on my WR426 and thought it was almost a necessity for that bike. I found my 300exc didn't need one. The steering on the 300 isn't nearly as twitchy as the WR was. If you do get one, I would suggest getting one that is universal (ie. Scotts). I had a RTT one on my WR that the buyer didn't want so I kept it. Since it doesn't fit my 300 it is still sitting in my garage collecting dust.
  15. bfly

    DOT rubber???

    I plated my KTM 300EXC and all I needed was a VIN verification, which I did at the local Dept. of Rev. office where you get your plates. As for the tires, horn, mirror, etc. you just sign this: http://www.revenue.state.co.us/mv_dir/formspdf/2686.pdf