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    grip length 120 or 125 mm?

    Dumba$$ newbie Q. I've spent hours looking on this site and have read about all models of grips and adventures in cleaning up the old throttle tube but... I still can't seem to find out the grip length I need for my 2005 DRZ400SM. I just bought it used and it has the stock open-ended grips with some cheesy but useable bar-end sliders The grips *appear* to be 115mm but could be 120mm. I just want something a little more comfortable but with a traditional (maybe half-waffle) look. Do you just buy 125's and cut them to length? Or can I buy the length I need with a built in open end? Examples would be appreciated as I am f'ing clueless. I've spent so much time surfing I'm worried my wife is gonna sneak up and club me on the head while I drool on the keyboard. I plan to get the Motion Pro tube replacement so I'm guessing that will gain a few mm's. Thanks (really). -pb Dear Mod, please move this post as needed.