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    01 YZ125 Problems

    Are you low on coolant in your radiator? Change you oil like stated above if you get same color then you have a leak somewhere, I would assume it to be from the seal on your water pump shaft. If not then it could be very old oil from the previous owner. I used to have a YZ 80 that i beat on pretty had and would drown it going through deep mud puddles in the woods. This was back before i did regular maintenance but use to ride in these trails every week and decided to change oil one day after and it came out almost white like milk. Turns out it was do to water getting into the case from the overflow tubes. Anyways i would start with oil change, top off coolant, and go from there.
  2. Rippin241

    2009 YZ250F & 2005 YZ250 suspension swap

    This guy did it with his 04 YZ 250 but everything you will need is pretty much the same as to my knowledge http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1010226-finally-2004-to-2009-suspension-swap-pics/
  3. Rippin241

    2009 YZ250F & 2005 YZ250 suspension swap

    The easiest way to swap the forks is to also swap the triple clamps. With that i believe you'll need a axle bolt from the 09 as well as the spacers and front caliper, you can find those pretty cheap on ebay. If you have access to a machine shop you can trim the spacers from your 05 like previously mentioned and the rear shock will bolt right up no problems.
  4. Rippin241

    Finally 2004 to 2009 suspension swap! (PICS)

    Ok yea thats what i thought just making sure thanks ktmr
  5. Rippin241

    Finally 2004 to 2009 suspension swap! (PICS)

    You said that you just had to swap a couple parts when you swapped the front suspension but did you have to swap anything for the rear suspension? I found a nice 07 YZ 450F rear shock i want to put on my 04 YZ 250 2t, can i just bolt it right up to my steel frame? Is that what you did with your 09 450F shock?