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  1. svtcobra43

    05 kx250f oil drain question

    Ok cool. I'm hoping its not stripped. I think it may be just the rubber washer I'm using. Hopefully. Thanks a lot
  2. svtcobra43

    05 kx250f oil drain question

    Ok cool thanks. I knew the rubber washer wasn't the correct one but since guy did it before me I assumed it was correct noob error on my part. Going to the shop Tomm and get correct washer thanks a lot!
  3. svtcobra43

    05 kx250f oil drain question

    I have a 05 kx250f. Changed oil and there is a rubber washer on it. Long story short. Guess I tightened it a little to much and broke the washer. Went to advanced auto and bought some random washers that fit the bolt. And now after ridding for 8 hours today it is leaking. Is it cause its a crappy washer not rated for motorcycles? If that's even a possibility. Also have heard people talking about metal/copper crush washers do I use a crush washer with the rubber one or just the metal one? Do you recommend a metal one or is it just cause I had a "generic" rubber washer. Thanks a lot!)
  4. svtcobra43

    Rm125 mix ratio

    Ok cool. And are you referring to like the tubes by the air filter? Thanks for the advice !
  5. svtcobra43

    Rm125 mix ratio

    Sorry typo I meant FMF exhaust
  6. svtcobra43

    Rm125 mix ratio

    I have a 2005 kx250f (4 stroke). Just picked up a practically mint 92 rm125. It's old but doesn't show the year since it has what appears to be different plastics on it (newer) Ir always had 4 strokes and never 2 strokes so I haven't protected my knowledge on two strokes what mix ratio do you guys use and recommend. As far as I can TELL its pretty stock. Motor wise except for a fund exhaust. Is it the normal 32:1? Or is there a better ratio. Said he uses full synthetic in it don't know if that matters. My first two stroke so sorry for the dumb questions. And 32:1 is that 3 ounces to every gal of gas? Thanks for your help!
  7. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    Alright cool. Thanks for the posts that helps a lot. Thanks a lot guys. Ordered the part from eBay. In the mean time think ill try the trick to clean them just for the heck of it since it'll take a week to get the seals in the mail! Thanks again guys I really appreciate it
  8. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    Ya sorry for the dumb questions lol but thanks for all your info. Helped a lot.
  9. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    Ok cool. Thanks guys. I've obviously never done this before but is there like a better fork oil? Or are they all pretty much the same like is it like motor oil where some are way better then others for different ridding styles or is fork oil pretty generic
  10. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    And I'm 235 pounds
  11. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    I'm not sure what you mean by sff but its a 2005 kx250f. I do mostly dunes trails and stuff like that. Never race it or go over huge jumps. Is there like a "regular" ridding oil level. ?
  12. svtcobra43

    Fork rebuild question

    My forks are leaking just a little. Not enough to make a puddle on the garage but enough to see of the forks. I ordered the fork oil seals. Question is how much fork oil do I put in it? Can't find an actual answer online. Called two different dealers. (Kawasaki and a power sports shop) and gave me two different answers. Anyone actually don't this and how much did you put in. Also is the oil seal the thing I actually replace when the forks are leaking ? Thanks in advanced Typo... Anyone actually do this is what I meant
  13. svtcobra43

    How to master burms/turns

    Thanks a lot for all your input guys. Think I've learned outside peg
  14. svtcobra43

    Fork seal?

    That's true. Ill try that. Thanks a bunch
  15. svtcobra43

    How often should I change oil?

    I usually ride about 10 hours normal ridding like puttin around in the woods or 6 hours of heavy racing type use. And change the filter ever other oil change. I have an 05 kx250f