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  1. Tj007m

    96-2010 DR650 LED Conversion

    Hey Rob, For the tail light did you get the narrow or wide angle 1157? Thanks
  2. Tj007m

    What next?

    Thanks for the reply, But if it was the carb it should at least pop a little with a shot of starting fluid I would think.
  3. Tj007m

    What next?

    Hi Guys, Bought a non running 94 XR250R to fix up for my son. Drained an replaced fuel, cleaned and rebuilt carb. Adjusted valves and replaced spark plug gave it a few kicks and bam,off to the races. This thing is great, rode it a couple of times about 10 miles each time no problems runs great. Son comes home from college and I give him the newly plated bike, everyone's happy. Go for a couple of short rides no problems. Then we go for about thirty miles and the bike dies and will not start. We bring the bike home and check spark and there is some not sure if its enough but put in new plug and gave it another try. No go. Recheck the valves, remove air cleaner and try a shot of starting fluid, not even a pop. What should I try next, Stator? Thanks, Terry