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  1. No doubt i would need a revalve! Thank you again for your responses, it has been very helpful. Thank you very much wblake! Contacted Slavens racing, and we're getting a spring set-up for myself. Thank you very much mate!
  2. Thanks for your reply addeeriksson! Just gathering information on what to do next. Seeing as my next ride is somewhere.. 6 months from now.. Gives me time to research and gather information.
  3. Looked around this seemed like the most appropriate place to ask.. Wanted to get information regarding a Heavy built rider.. Current Settup; 2013 - KTM 500 - EXC - Stock everything Rider weight; 309 lb. - Height 7'0 (213.36cm) Fuel + gear 335 lb. Type of Riding; Enduro Desert single track Not really sure how to put this since i'm rather new to suspension in motorized bikes.. Seeing as the basic shock is for a 175 lb person.. which i'm not, so my question(s) would be; 1. Wanted to see if someone could point me in a direction for understanding terms in relation to suspension 2. Where and what would you have to modify to get a better suspension with said stats. At the moment With what little knowledge I do have i'm looking for a stiffer rear shock spring to place on the bike. Some say you need re-valving, others do not. Not sure what this all means. I apologize for my lack of knowledge since suspension was never a priority till now. Thanks for your time.