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  1. Cabrinha

    '13 KTM 500 EXC Rear shock Recomendation?

    No doubt i would need a revalve! Thank you again for your responses, it has been very helpful. Thank you very much wblake! Contacted Slavens racing, and we're getting a spring set-up for myself. Thank you very much mate!
  2. Cabrinha

    '13 KTM 500 EXC Rear shock Recomendation?

    Thanks for your reply addeeriksson! Just gathering information on what to do next. Seeing as my next ride is somewhere.. 6 months from now.. Gives me time to research and gather information.
  3. Looked around this seemed like the most appropriate place to ask.. Wanted to get information regarding a Heavy built rider.. Current Settup; 2013 - KTM 500 - EXC - Stock everything Rider weight; 309 lb. - Height 7'0 (213.36cm) Fuel + gear 335 lb. Type of Riding; Enduro Desert single track Not really sure how to put this since i'm rather new to suspension in motorized bikes.. Seeing as the basic shock is for a 175 lb person.. which i'm not, so my question(s) would be; 1. Wanted to see if someone could point me in a direction for understanding terms in relation to suspension 2. Where and what would you have to modify to get a better suspension with said stats. At the moment With what little knowledge I do have i'm looking for a stiffer rear shock spring to place on the bike. Some say you need re-valving, others do not. Not sure what this all means. I apologize for my lack of knowledge since suspension was never a priority till now. Thanks for your time.