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  1. McStuck

    1986 ktm 500 mx

    Hard to find but there is a KTM guru on the east coast at Seven 4 Racing who likes to keep track of all the ktms in the country. I bought some parts for mine from him. Great guy.
  2. McStuck

    78 dt175 only idles on choke

    BTW the pilot jet is inside the small hole next to the main jet and must be removed with a small slotted screwdriver. Open the hole with a small wire carefully and blow through it with carb spray. Same with the hex shaped main jet.
  3. McStuck

    Oil in the stator cover?

    Thanks for the info. I did a valve job on the bike over the winter. Got it ready to fire up and it ran for about ten seconds and died. Checked for spark and there was barely a spark about every third kick. Tried a new plug but by now there is no spark at all. So when I saw the oil in the stator I thought maybe. Guess I'll start ohming out the coils knowing its probably the cdi. Thanks again.
  4. McStuck

    Oil in the stator cover?

    I am checking the timing on my 84 XR 600 and there is oil in the stator cover. Pulled the cover off and about a quart of motor oil comes out. There must be a seal leaking behind the flywheel?
  5. McStuck

    xr600r broken

    Remove the spark plug, with it in gear rock it back and forth. If its still locked up, its likely some serious engine damage. If it turns over backward but not forward could be the timing chain jumped and the valves are touching the piston. If it pukes oil or fuel out the spark plug hole, could be stuck float filled the cylinder.
  6. I'd also check the hard line that runs from the oil pump to the valve cover as it is under pressure. Could have a hole in the line or the banjo bolt could have come loose.
  7. McStuck

    84' XR500 Wont Start.

    Check the valve adjustment, the valves will wear into the seats causing the lash to go away. Intake valves will stay open just enough to blow the fresh air/ fuel charge back out the carb. If you drop a lttle fuel in the spark plug hole it will fire and run about 5 seconds but won't stay running. Seems like its 10/thousanths intake 12/thousanths exhaust.
  8. McStuck

    KTM 500 MXC Water pump woes

    Thanks ,got ahold of Denny today.He thinks the 90-96 MX 440, 500, and 550s had aluminum clutch covers that will fit. Says you have to modify the crank so the pump drive will work. So now I'm in search mode. Again thanks for the help
  9. McStuck

    KTM 500 MXC Water pump woes

    Started a similar thread on KTM talk about a week ago. So far no luck. Must be top secret. Think you're right about the crank, hope there is a way to modify it.
  10. McStuck

    KTM 500 MXC Water pump woes

    Good advice for most brands but seems none of the KTM dealers have parts older than 1996. Finally found a website that goes back to 94 and got a part number for a 94 550 but no idea if it will fit my 85 500. Need an old KTM guru. Mine is a 1985 MXC. I did grind it out as best I could and JB welded the area around the seal. Worked for about 10 rides and then started leaking water into the tranny again. After a ride I drain the water and oil then refill them right before the next ride.The oil has been a little milky the last couple of rides.
  11. McStuck

    KTM 500 MXC Water pump woes

    The magnesium clutch cover is badly pitted and needs replaced. I heard you can use one off a newer 500 or 550 that is aluminum. Anyone know what years will work and if you have to modify it to fit. I have a post on KTM Talk as well but can't get any replies. Thanks in advance for any info.