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  1. jasonotis81

    Jetting troubles

    Followed your tips to the tee bike runs awesome night and day difference thank you. Your the man
  2. jasonotis81

    Jetting troubles

    Awesome thank u
  3. jasonotis81

    Jetting troubles

    Ok thx the the help is there a special tool to adjust the fuel screw?
  4. jasonotis81

    Jetting troubles

    Hey guys I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I've read and read and havnt found a clear idea. But I just installed fmf pipe and silencer did the air box mod and removed the screen in the air filter installed the jd jet kit red needle fifth clip 165 main and 42 pilot fires right up and revs up but if u go from idle to full throttle it bogs out I'm thinking I need to adjust my fuel mixture screw but am not sure the best way to do it with the factory d style any help would be greatly appreciated and also if I go to an aftermarket fuel screw can u install it on the bike or do u need to remove the carb