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  1. wondering if anyone has any links to kick starter installation on a 2004 drz400s
  2. Any kit I buy will come with instructions? Or do you know of a specific kit?
  3. Bailey Flats. Mariposa,CA
  4. Does anyone have any insight on how to install the drz kick start kit?
  5. Does anyone have any insight on how to install the drz kick start kit?
  6. anyone know if you can put a TT rear shock on an XT?
  7. well, I charged the battery all night and this morning it's up to 13 volts. 0.8 ohms for primary resistance on the coil but still no secondary. i'm asuming my coil is bad at this point. But still getting spark to the plug
  8. coil showing primary resistance but no secondary. and now all of the sudden I have spark to the plug again!! i'm perplexed!!
  9. disregard last post. 423 ohms at charging coil. 218 at pickup
  10. 700 ohms at charge coil. 0 ohms at pickup
  11. only 3 volts getting to coil when kicked
  12. also checked all wiring and everything looks good
  13. checked the battery. 6 volts when key is off. .25 volts with key on. could this be a problem? I've always thought it would run with no batt.
  14. my xt 350 is losing spark off and on. cant figure out what the hell it is. wondering if a coil could go in and out? when it does regain spark, it will run for about 10 seconds and then just shut off. somebody please help me!!
  15. Does anyone know if I can put a 5.10/18 tire on the rear of my 86 xt350? Would it be too wide to clear the swing arm?