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  1. I got it to return all the way by stretching the spring on the diaphragm. Now the AP nozzle sprays great but the stream hits where the slide slides into the bottom of the inlet. It is like the nozzle is angled to far down and doesn't make it to the intake. Any recommendations?
  2. Figured out what is wrong, the spring behind the merge racing spring that returns the plunger to the original position is to weak to return it. Do they make a upgraded spring for that one also, or is this just something that happens?
  3. I will have to pull it out again tomorrow and check it out. Thanks for the help, I will keep you posted.
  4. I have a JD red needle on the 3rd clip, 50 leak jet, 165 main and merge racing spring.
  5. No, it barely goes a inch.
  6. I know I don't want it to hit the slide. But I was trying to get it there and then back it off.
  7. I have everything installed in the carb finally. I am trying to get the AP timing down, I have the screw backed all the way out counterclockwise and the stream still isn't hitting the slide. What do you guys think I am doing wrong? I did install the merge racing spring. Thanks for any help.
  8. Spring and 50 leak jet ordered, I will keep you guys posted!
  9. The bike idles fine, but bogs on the stand and when I am riding it. Thanks for the help guys.
  10. Gents I hope you can help me out, I have always owned 2 strokes and made the switch to a 06 450x. The bike has a serious Bog in every gear when I grab a hand full of throttle. But if i roll it on it is ok. Also when it is idling if you wack the throttle it will stall. The bike has been jetted and the air box has been modded. Is it the acceleration pump? Should i run a few tanks of gas through it and see if clears up? I want to have some idea before I start tearing her apart.