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  1. I'm 36 and started riding 8 years ago. 5'9" 155lbs. First bike was a 2001 CR250R 2 stroke and I thought that was a big mistake getting such a crazy bike but I had to get good fast or die. Looking back I wish I never got rid of it that bike it was amazing. Learned throttle control the hard way and broke a few bones. I hit a deer my third time riding in 4th gear on a logging trail that sucked. I decided to get a 4 stroke because we started riding Walker Valley every weekend in Washington State and I was sick of being on the clutch while my friends pulled past me in 3rd gear. A lot of steep hills and trails. Got a 2008 KX250F that was built by pro circuit and had all factory parts from a guy that was leaving for Afghanistan. The bike was under powered but playful and really fun. Started riding motocross at the local track and learned cornering and jumping. I got bored of that bike and decided I wanted a fuel injected 450. Found a guy that had a 09 KX450f and traded straight across. It was bone stock and heavy. Least favorite bike I have owned but pulled like a tractor. Mostly trail riding couldn't race it as it was built around the fuel injection first year kawi did it. Sold it and bought a 2012 yz250f. I completely gutted it and installed every aftermarket part that I could get my hands on. I bored it over to a 270 and had to install a ktm 350 air boot to give it enough air. I love this bike and I will never sell it. Does everything, really light, responsive, corners amazing. It eats up rear sprokets only down side. I have gone through 5 renthals in 2 years. I just started getting into supermoto last year. I found a 2008 YZ450F for 2K and put blinkers, lights, a battery, new stator to charge it, key switch and SM wheels and tires on it. I went through the inspection station and got it plated for the street. I had a dream of being able to ride a real dirtbike on the street. This bike is awesome only downside is it overheats at long lights and there's nothing I can do about it. I just started shutting it off but as you probably know it can be a pain to kick on a warm bike and it sucks if you can't get it going while someone's stuck behind you in traffic. Supermoto is by far the most fun version of riding for me. You can pretty much take any route you want which usually tends to be illegal. If you love dirt bikes you will love supermoto. I started saving last year for a Husky 701 SM and I'm half way there. If you're not familiar with that bike take a look. It's the first production bike to be engineered supermoto spec. I'm pissing myself thinking about it now. Well that's about it. I love dirt bikes, enduro and SM. Glad I found it. People told me it would kill me but it's done the opposite. I'm truly alive while riding. Sent from my SM-G925V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. jperson80

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Just got done fully street legal 08 yz450f.
  3. jperson80

    Plastic conversion/ restyle

    Thanks for posting as I have been having the same problem. I turned an 08 yz450f into a supermoto. I want to update the plastics to 2014. I have looked everywhere and nobody has answered the question. Luckily I have 2014 yz250f that I use in the woods. So I'm going to try and swap the sub frame, air box, boot, gas tank and seat to see how it can be done. I'm sure I will have to tap a few holes in places but I'm sure it can be done with a little ingenuity. I will make a new post and will provide step by step instructions. I'm thinking about going into the plastics business and just create restyled versions for all bikes once I figure out how it's possible.
  4. jperson80

    Plastics Questions Dirtbike

    Thanks Spider I was thinking about getting a 3 gallon desert tank but that makes more sense. I found a baja designs keyswitch that was made to interrupt the kill switch for 20$. Should be exactly what I need.
  5. jperson80

    Plastics Questions Dirtbike

    Thanks for the info I will look for a double pull double throw key switch and interrupt the kill switch.
  6. I just got done converting a 2008 yz450f into a fully street legal supermoto and I have 2 questions. First, is there anybody who has installed a key switch on there dirtbike? I don't want electric start just the ability to curb thieves on the street. I get nervous parking it on the street knowing anybody could just kick it over and ride off. I know just about anybody could load it up in a truck and take off but you could say that about any bike. Second, anyone ever replace the air box and gas tank in order to update the plastics? My other off road bike is a 2014 yz450f and you really notice how outdated the shapes are when they sit side by side. I really like the 2011 white and red yzf. Off the top of my head I think the 06 to 09, 10 to 13 and the 13 to 16 are interchangeable. Is it possible to go from 08 to 14 if you change the air box and tank?
  7. jperson80

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    I converted a 2008 yz450f to a fully street legal supermoto. I got the bike from an older guy who probably used it twice. It was actually a lot easier than you would think. I still need to figure out a way to install a key switch as I'm a little worried when I leave it on the street. Any ideas?
  8. jperson80

    wont start after fluid change

    I pulled my back out from its winters nap put fluids in it and it fired right up on 3 kicks. 1 week later I go out to the shop put in a new air filter, oil filter, oil ect and it wont start. Im cleaning the carb as I type, checked my new plug and I got spark, checked my stator its reading what its suppose as far as ohms are concerned, put new gas with octane booster in it, and everything seems good. I haven't checked my compression but it definitely hasnt changed since I last started it. This is driving me crazy. I always take realky good care of my bikes. Oh its an 08 Kawasaki kx250f with a pro circuit stage 2 motor, ti-4 exhaust, jdi racing ignition (tried both map modes and my stock cdi), pro circuit water pump ect ect. Please anything is helpful