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  1. $789.60
  2. Front and rear suspension yes.
  3. I'm not sure I'll ask. Thanks for the heads up. There speaking another language if ya ask me.
  4. This is a quote I recieved from: FACTORY CONNECTION in Barrington,NHQuote for: (2013 CRF450R) 1 x REVALVES - Revalve, Shock $189.95 1 x FLUIDSS - Shock Fluids $17.95 1 x ALS-0063 - Shock Spring, FC 6.3kg $119.95 1 x WKSBMPRBRCUPK09 - Works Bump Rubber Kit $109.95 1 x COMPPISTPLTKYB - Compression Piston Plate KYB $19.95 1 x SHKREBSTOPPLTCR - Rebound Stop Plate, Shock $5.95 1 x OILSEAL16MMK2 - Oil Seal, Shock $15.00 1 x PISRING50MMK - Piston Ring, Shock $10.00 1 x GBUSHING16MMK - Shaft Guide Bushing, Shock $10.00 1 x SHKSHFTNUT12K - Shock Shaft Nut, 12mm KYB 1.50 P $9.00 1 x SHORING50MMK - Seal Head O-Ring, Shock $7.00 2 x PISORING50MMK - Piston O-Ring, Shock $6.00 1 x REVALVEF - Revalve, Fork $189.95 1 x FLUIDSF - Fork Fluids, (1.5 Quarts @ $17.95 Per Quart) $26.95 2 x FORKSEAL48KUA - Oil Seal, Fork $28.00 2 x DUSTSEAL48KU - Dust Seal, Fork $24.00 I am highly considering making the trip and having them do mme up right. Any feedback???
  5. Thanks bro...
  6. Reputable Honda mechanic in New England?
  7. Thanks for that qyick reply, I did get an X ring chain DID 520 ERV3. I do have gaurds but not like this Bark busters those are sweet. I would love to come up for a ride but I live on Martha Vineyard so it would have to. Do Weekend thing to make it worth it, plus I'll have to find a spot to stay. I got a buddy I ride with he might come but usually we drive off Cape cod in Plymouth Ma. I need a a mechanic my man. You work on bikes?
  8. I have a 450R that I am about redo the front and rear suspension. I'm taking to Factory connection in NH to have this done. I'm 2 70 lbs 6'" I'd say I have intermediate to advanced riding skills on trails. I do not ride tracks. I was wanting the CRF450x and they were out of stock.nwedkezs to say I couldn't wait and got the track bike. So I have done some minor upgrade but nothing substantial because 9 lack of knowledge on what to do to make my bike trail worthy. Thus far skid moose racing skid plate, acerbis hand gaurds and body plastic, hammer head shifter and brake lever, pro-taper grips,Twin air power flow kit and filter, DiD top of the line Chain and, Tag sprocket same tooth count as stock, and sadly enough that's it. I want new levers for clutch and brake. Eventually I'm going to have replace everything cause I'm not getting rid if the bike and it would be good to get some experienced riders advice on what parts and uogrades i should start with now and plan on later. I live on an island Giligand style of the coast of MA. So there isnt really a seen that i can ride with and get advice. I need a trustworthy mechanic that I can take it to if need be.'ll take as much as you all can give. Ty..
  9. I will that's easy enough.ty...
  10. Is it possible to do myself. Is it worth the money and head ache not to? I'm mechanically inclined to a point? Not a mechanic tho.
  11. Well my gut and what I've read thus far said this guy at the dealership can go fly a kite. The factory connection sounds promising.
  12. I believe the shocks in the 13' are springs,air pressure, and fluid. I know there's numerous settings to adjust the suspension front and rear, I just don't get it. The guy at the dealership who runs the same bike recommended getting a tougher spring in the rear and set the psi in the front at 32 vs the manuals spec of 35psi. I think I told him I was 245 then. Been a good
  13. Wow! Right on. I knew I'd get some positive direction. I am taking this all under advisement and appreciate the insight.
  14. I am a proud owner of a 13' CRF 450R. I bought this bike for casual of road riding from a dealership brand new. I am a complete newbie when it comes to dirt bikes and am searching for some guidance with setting my bike up for the riding style I described above. I am a novice rider with a passion to have my bike dialed in optimally for my weight class of 260lbs. So far I have followed some of the maintenance schedule and I am at 33hrs on the bike. I broke it in according to manual, changed fluids and air filter regularly, and it had the valves shimmed by the dealer at 28hrs. I have replaced the chain and front and rear sprockets, with DID components. I purchased these parts from and did not chinse out on cost for these very important parts. I have also changed my plastic, new grips, and hand guards. I am at stand still with what it should and shouldn’t do next. I am reaching out to the riding community for some insight and direction. I would like to replace and maintain every portion of this bike that will give me problems if I don’t. Please keep in mind I don’t have a bike shop or a dealership that it can just go to close by.
  15. That would be the 2 flat head screws on the forks right? I read a little about adjusting the compression, But I don't trust myself. ...