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  1. RT @GeorgiCodes: this software engineer is my hero! http://t.co/CHpaqtGtGf

  2. flipperz

    Clutch not so wet

    My buddy has KTM anyway, can't trust em... Great, I will go with that then, thanks !
  3. flipperz

    Clutch not so wet

    WR450 - 2005 My clutch gave out, it seemed to have overheated, a lot of smoke when I took it apart. I took it apart without draining the oil and only a little bit of oil came out when I opened the clutch cover. My buddy claims it should have been full of Oil. The owners manual says to drain the oil first before changing the clutch, so there is every indication there should have been a lot of oil in there, the clutch was bearly wet of oil when I took it out. I did check the oil level by running for a mintue and check the stick, it was at 75% full. The owners manual doesn't indicate how much oil should be there, the instructions are to drain it before opening up the clutch. I need your advise ... maybe I have a plugged line ?